Meet Alma: Your Virtual Assistant for Exploring Slovenia

Published: 22.5.2024 More info

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Meet Alma: Your Virtual Assistant for Exploring Slovenia

Explore the beauties of Slovenia with Alma, the virtual assistant that enhances the official tourism portal,

Meet Alma: Your Virtual Assistant for Exploring Slovenia, the main website for Slovenian tourism, now features Alma, an AI-powered virtual assistant. Available 24/7 in seven different languages, Alma engages in relaxed conversations, answering questions from multiple users simultaneously. She provides tailored information, inspiring stories and tips for exploring Slovenia efficiently.

Meet Alma

Inspired by Alma M. Karlin

Alma, named after the adventurous traveller and writer Alma M. Karlin, operates using the advanced OPENAI Chat GPT Turbo algorithm, a specialized AI model for virtual assistants. Utilizing the latest GPT 4o model, Alma filters content to suit user interests, delivering the desired information swiftly and easily.

She sources reliable information from the database and over 50 carefully selected and verified websites of Slovenian tourist destinations and providers. This comprehensive information ecosystem has been meticulously developed over several months, offering a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Pioneering AI in Slovenian Tourism

Alma was created to enhance the user experience on the portal with advanced AI technology. She stands out as:

  • One of the first AI assistants in Slovenian tourism,
  • Among the few AI assistants integrated in national tourism organizations’ websites in Europe.


As the portal’s latest milestone, Alma continues to position as the most reliable source of information and inspiration for international visitors. Ongoing advancements in AI technology will enable further upgrades for Alma, ensuring continuous improvement and value for the portal’s users.

A Commitment to Excellence

Virtual assistant Alma is part of the Slovenian Tourist Board’s broader initiative to establish as the premier source of high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date information for travelers considering a visit to Slovenia.

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