Metlika: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Bela Krajina

Published: 10.5.2024

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Metlika: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Bela Krajina

Metlika harmoniously blends its rich history and cultural heritage with the pristine nature. From the majestic Metlika Castle and its captivating exhibits to the culinary delights of the Old Town, visitors are invited to explore a fusion of past and present in this charming historic town.

Metlika: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Bela Krajina

Whether you're a history aficionado, a nature lover, or a culinary enthusiast, Metlika offers an enchanting experience for every traveller. Situated amidst the breathtaking scenery of Bela Krajina in southeastern Slovenia, this historic town invites you to delve into its rich art and culture, stunning nature and tasty local traditions

Few things embody the warm hospitality and essence of Bela Krajina quite like the beloved "belokranjska pogača" – a delectable flatbread adorned with coarse salt and aromatic caraway seeds. Rather than being sliced, it is tradition to share the it by allowing guests to tear off their own piece.


Metlika Castle: The town's unique historic town core with three interconnected squares is dominated by the Metlika Castle, which houses the Bela Krajina Museum. This historical treasure offers insights into the region's fascinating past. The castle itself is a marvel, with its well-preserved architecture providing a window into centuries gone by.

Metlika Old Town: No visit to Metlika would be complete without a stop at Hiša dobrot Bele krajine – Bela krajina House of Local Delicacies, a local culinary center dedicated to showcasing the delicacies and traditional products of the Bela Krajina region. Here you can engage in a hands-on culinary workshop and learn how to make traditional Bela Krajina flatbread. The House is also a perfect starting point for your exploration of Metlika since it acts as the tourist information center.

Just a short walk away you can find yourself in the calming embrace of nature. Under the castle, right next to the town core, springs Obrh, a small stream that used to be a central part of community life in Metlika. These days this serene watercourse offers a refreshing escape for those who cherish a bit of tranquility.


Kolpa River: Known for its warm crystal-clear waters, the Kolpa River is ideal for swimming, canoeing, and fishing. The river's gentle flow and scenic banks make it a favorite among nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Steljniki: A short distance from Metlika you can enjoy one of the most distinguishing features of Bela krajina's landscape – birch forests with bracken undergrowth known as steljniki. This serene spot is known for its diverse wildlife and perfect for hiking.

Vineyard Vistas: Metlika is surrounded by sunny, softly rolling hills that are home to expansive vineyards. The region is renowned for its vine-growing tradition, which can be observed by visiting these picturesque hillsides.


Metlika comes alivewith cultural events year-round, with its pinnacle being the Vinska vigred v Beli krajini, a local wine festival held every third weekend in May. It provides a unique opportunity to engage with the local traditions, meet the winemakers, and enjoy an atmosphere filled with joy and celebration. For anyone looking to immerse themselves in Slovenian culture and enjoy some of the best wines the country has to offer, Vinska Vigred is an essential experience. This event buzzes with live music ranging from folk to contemporary, with performances spread across the festival. Traditional dance groups also take the stage, wearing colorful local attire and performing folk dances that tell stories of the region's history and traditions. Vinska vigred is a celebration of the town’s winemaking tradition and lights up the town with energy and excitement.

Summer evenings can be spent in the charming embrace of the Metlika Castle, soaking in culture. »Pridi zvečer na grad« translates to a direct invitation - "Come to the Castle in the Evening". This event series brings together a rich tapestry of performances to be enjoyed under the starlit skies of Bela Krajina.

Metlika comes alive with cultural vibrancy year-round, with its pinnacle being the Vinska vigred v Beli krajini, a local wine festival held every third weekend in May. This festival offers a unique chance to engage in Slovenian culture, meet passionate winemakers and enjoy an atmosphere filled with joy and celebration. Featuring live music from folk to contemporary genres and colorful traditional dance performances, Vinska vigred celebrates the town's winemaking heritage with boundless energy and excitement.

Additionally, summer evenings offer a cultural treat at the Metlika Castle, where the "Come to the Castle in the Evening" event series presents a diverse array of performances beneath the starry skies of Bela Krajina.

This article is part of an exciting partnership with with the Association of Historical Towns of Slovenia, of which Metlika is also a member. The partnership aims to bring you captivating stories from the historical towns nestled across Slovenia. As a regular feature of News from Slovenia, delivered to our valued subscribers, readers can expect to discover exciting stories from these timeless cities in the coming months. The contents and photos for this article were provided by the Association of Historical Towns of Slovenia and Metlika.


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