Michelin Guide Slovenia: Gostilna Krištof

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Michelin Guide Slovenia: Gostilna Krištof

In this exclusive feature, the renowned Michelin Guide shines a spotlight on Gostilna Krištof, recipient of the prestigious green Michelin star. Authored by Michelin journalist Sarah Scaparone, this article is part of the partnership between the Michelin Guide and the STB.

Michelin Guide Slovenia: Gostilna Krištof

Indulge in the inviting warmth of Gostilna Krištof, where every corner radiates a sense of coziness and familiarity to make you feel right at home. For those seeking intimacy and romance, a secluded wooden glamping unit nestled in the nearby garden offers a haven of serenity.

At the heart of Krištof's culinary experience lies a harmonious blend of organic delights, traditional flavours and avant-garde culinary trends. With a focus on sourcing the finest ingredients—organic, fresh, and locally sourced from neighboring meadows, gardens, and trusted farmers—the stage is set for Chef Uroš Gorjanc to weave his culinary magic. A maestro in the kitchen, Chef Gorjanc's culinary journey is fueled by a wealth of expertise and boundless creativity, honed through years of experience as a former member of the Slovenian national culinary team and a seasoned protocol chef.

Explore and discover the exquisite offer of Gostilna Krištof in Predoselje near Kranj.

Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Slovenia as showcased by the prestigious Michelin Guide for Slovenia 2023, which features a distinguished selection of 59 Slovenian restaurants. Delve deeper into the announcement of the 2023 selection to uncover the essence of culinary excellence celebrated within Slovenia's vibrant gastronomic landscape.

Michelin about Gostilna Krištof

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