Miren Kras celebrated at the Green Destination TOP 100 Story Awards at ITB Berlin 2024

Published: 7.3.2024

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Miren Kras celebrated at the Green Destination TOP 100 Story Awards at ITB Berlin 2024

At the ITB Berlin Global Tourism Exchange, the Together for the Karst (Skupaj za Kras) project earned 3rd place in the Green Destination Awards under Environment and Climate, solidifying its position among the world's TOP 100 most sustainable destinations.

Miren Kras celebrated at the Green Destination TOP 100 Story Awards at ITB Berlin 2024

In early March, ITB Berlin, the biggest event in global tourism, took center stage. The Slovenian stand proudly featured several destinations, among them also the Vipava Valley and the Karst. This year, the focus was on culture, highlighting the excitement for Nova Gorica - Gorizia hosting the European Capital of Culture in 2025.

On Wednesday, March 6, the Green Destination Awards ceremony honoured sustainable efforts. Miren Kras secured its spot among the TOP 100 sustainable destinations for the 5th year running, showcasing its dedication to the environment.

The Green Destination organization, headquartered in the Netherlands, focuses on evaluating, supporting, and certifying destinations and businesses committed to sustainable tourism. With over 75 partners worldwide, including experts and nonprofits, they've worked with more than 500 destinations and 220 companies from 60 countries.

In 2024, Miren Kras showcased its eco-friendly initiatives and the SKUPAJ ZA KRAS (Together for the Karst) project, impressing the expert jury and as the only Slovenian destination earning a spot among the top six destinations in the Environment and Climate category. This recognition, with Miren Kras securing 3rd place, underscores its commitment to sustainability. It's a significant achievement for Slovenia, highlighting the collective effort of the community and stakeholders in achieving this remarkable result, as emphasized by the Miren Kras Public Institute.

TOGETHER FOR KRAS: Revitalizing a green destination after devastating fire

The expert jury was impressed by the TOGETHER FOR KRAS project, a remarkable initiative aimed at restoring and sustainably developing a destination post a devastating natural disaster – the largest fire in Slovenia's history, which ravaged 80% of this verdant area known for its pristine natural beauty and active outdoor tourism.

Through collaboration with the affected municipalities (Miren-Kostanjevica, Renče-Vogrsko, Komen) and the Sparrow of Hope (Vrabček upanja) Foundation, the national Together for the Karst campaign was launched. It aimed to gather donations for the burnt area's reconstruction and establish a new green hiking trail, the Green Heart of the Karst. This trail will connect the affected municipalities on both the Slovenian and Italian sides, creating a cross-border educational and tourist attraction to raise awareness about climate change and promote tourism development in the entire affected region.

Further support and participation came from the Municipality of Nova Gorica and neighboring municipalities like Sovodnje ob Soči, Doberdob, and Devin-Nabrežina, demonstrating their commitment to holistic integration of the fire-affected area. The Slovenian Forest Service, a valuable partner since the initial fire in 2019, will provide expert support and content for the project.

The opening of the Green Heart of the Karst hiking trail is scheduled for 2025, aligning with the European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica - Gorizia events. It stands poised to be a pivotal event, fostering connectivity across the broader cross-border region.

The award and recognition serve as affirmation that we're heading in the right direction, they emphasize. Destination Miren Kras remains committed to sustainable development and tourism innovation while safeguarding the natural and cultural treasures of its surroundings.

Source: Miren Kras Public Institute

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