The Golden City Gate Awards: celebrating Slovenia's tourism excellence

Published: 6.3.2024

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The Golden City Gate Awards: celebrating Slovenia's tourism excellence

In a celebration of creativity and innovation within the tourism industry, the Golden City Gate Awards ceremony unfolded this morning. Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) projects shone brightly, with all five entries receiving prestigious awards. These achievements not only amplify international attention but also elevate Slovenia's global visibility.

The Golden City Gate Awards: celebrating Slovenia's tourism excellence

This morning, the Golden City Gate Awards ceremony unfolded. Esteemed by organizers as an international platform celebrating tourism films and multimedia content, it embodies the creative essence of the tourism industry.

In a remarkable achievement, all five STB's projects received awards: NFT - a top sensory experience in the Julian AlpsTexas Feels Slovenia 2023 and the 'Slovenia, a sports destination' publication secured the gold prize, while the new Slovenian tourism stand clinched the silver prize. Additionally, the Feel Slovenia Reels earned an 'excellent' prize. These accolades not only garner increased international attention but also elevate Slovenia's global standing.

NFT The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure

In May 2023, the STB and the Julian Alps organised The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure for representatives of 15 renowned foreign media, who cashed their exclusive NFT digital souvenir as a ticket to this unique event. he project highlighted the importance of a responsible attitude towards nature by drawing attention to the issue of disappearing species of flora and fauna in an innovative way, using advanced technology. The link between the digital souvenir and an experience in a destination recognised for its outstanding respect for the environment impressed journalists.

Texas Feels Slovenia 2023

Given its population of 332 million, the United States is an important market for Slovenia's economy and tourism, offering abundant prospects. To increase its visibility, Slovenia hosted the Texas Feels Slovenia business and investment event in Dallas in March 2023. This comprehensive initiative showcased Slovenia's economic, tourism and investment potential through a collaborative business conference and an exciting I Feel Slovenia Night at a basketball game between Dallas Mavericks and the Chicago Bulls. This unique project not only effectively promoted Slovenia but also facilitated numerous business opportunities in the US market, leveraging the visibility of Slovenian basketball star and tourism ambassador Luka Dončić.

Slovenia: A Top Sports Destination

The 'Slovenia, A Top Sports Destination' publication caters primarily to specialized tourist organizations, sports training agencies,and organizers of professional and amateur sports clubs, as well as international sports events. However, it also appeals to sports journalists and other professionals in the field. Highlighting exceptional opportunities for sports training and organizing competitions across various disciplines, the publication also delves into rehabilitation and prevention strategies for athletes. It invites fans to explore Slovenia's tourism offer while showcasing the country's rich fan culture. Enriched with insights from prominent Slovenian sports figures and key contributors to sports tourism, this 72-page bilingual publication in Slovenian and English serves as a comprehensive guide to Slovenia's vibrant sports scene.

New 'I Feel Slovenia' Stand

The new 'I Feel Slovenia' stand seamlessly blends sustainability and innovation, focusing on personalized experiences. Aligned with Slovenian tourism values and global responsible travel trends, it positions Slovenia as a destination committed to sustainability. Innovative technology and creative design elements enhance visitor engagement, offering an intimate and personalized experience. The stand's enduring impact encourages visitors to envision Slovenia as a green travel destination. Leveraging the 'I Feel Slovenia' brand ensures consistent and memorable branding. Additionally, the stand's modular design allows it to adapt to evolving trends and needs. Crafted from reused materials and environmentally friendly elements, including recycled wood, it underscores Slovenia's dedication to eco-conscious practices. This stand, presented also at ITB Berlin, epitomizes Slovenia's commitment to sustainable tourism.

Feel Slovenia Reels

With over 1.6 million followers, the STB maintains a strong social media presence. The Feel Slovenia Instagram profile serves as the cornerstone of our strategy, driving over 75% of all STB interactions. In 2023, we strategically amplified our Instagram communication with the Reels format, garnering over 4.6 million organic views through more than 80 diverse posts. Looking ahead to 2024, we're committed to further enhancing our Reels strategy, leveraging both organic and paid campaigns. Additionally, we're exploring opportunities to expand this engaging format across other STB platforms.

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