Kranj: celebrating heritage, culture and sustainability

Published: 15.2.2024

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Kranj: celebrating heritage, culture and sustainability

Discover the enchanting city of Kranj, where tradition, culture, and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. Through the lens of Prešeren's legacy, who is Slovenia's greatest poet and the author of Slovenian national anthem, Kranj invites visitors to experience a harmonious balance between past and present.

Kranj: celebrating heritage, culture and sustainability

Kranj, a proud holder of the prestigious Platinum Label of the Slovenian Green Tourism Scheme, was recognized as a European Destination of Excellence in 2023. Their commitment to sustainability encompasses not only the preservation of nature but also the safeguarding of cherished traditions and cultural heritage.

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During Prešeren Fair, history comes alive and visitors are transported to a bygone era, immersed in the cultural tapestry that shaped Slovenia's heritage.

The Prešeren Fair, held on 8 February, which is Slovenian Cultural Day, is probably the most renowned event in this historic town. The event pays a homage to poet France Prešeren, Slovenia's greatest poet, who spent his final years in Kranj and who is also burried there. During this time, Kranj transforms into a vibrant scene from the 19th century, adorned with local handicrafts, art, period costumes and traditional cuisine. Cultural institutions and venues open their doors to host thematic exhibitions and captivating concerts, offering attendees an immersive journey through the era of Prešeren.

Prešeren Theatre

Driven by the rich offer of Kranj's cultural institutions, the celebration of Prešeren's Day extends beyond a single day, spanning several days. This year, the celebration was joined by the Shrovetide celebrations and the Every Prešeren Day event, which took place 1 – 8 February. Kranj also features numerous buildings and streets, named after the poet, such as the iconic Prešeren Street and Prešeren Theatre.

Adding to the allure of Kranj are specialized tourist experiences such as the Heads or Tails (Al Cifra al mož) Tour, providing an interactive exploration of Prešeren's life and work. These experiences not only pay homage to the poet but also enrich the visitor's understanding of Kranj's cultural tapestry.

Photo by Jošt Gantar

Furthermore, Kranj serves as a hub of sustainable practices, epitomized by the SOS Proteus Info Centre. The Centre is dedicated to safeguarding olms in the underground tunnels beneath the old town. Equipped with informative displays, video presentations, and olm aquariums, the centre aims to educate and advocate for the preservation of this endangered species and the vital groundwater resources essential for Slovenia's drinking water supply.

Photo by Jošt Gantar

This article marks the beginning of an exciting partnership with the Association of Historical Towns of Slovenia, aimed at bringing you captivating stories from the historical towns nestled across Slovenia. As a regular feature of News from Slovenia, delivered to our valued subscribers, readers can expect to discover exciting stories from these timeless cities in the coming months. The Association of Historical Towns was established in June 2001 by visionary mayors from Idrija, Piran, Ptuj, Škofja Loka and Tržič. Since then, the association has grown to include several more historical towns, fostering successful development through shared experiences and joint initiatives. 

Cover photo by Andraž Muljavec

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