Noordung Centre unveils exciting gamified attraction

Published: 30.1.2024

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Noordung Centre unveils exciting gamified attraction

On January 23, Noordung Centre in Vitanje unveiled an innovative attraction where the worlds of science and space technology converge, merging seamlessly with the captivating world of gamified tourist experiences.

Noordung Centre unveils exciting gamified attraction

Explore the cutting-edge "Mission - Escape to Space" adventure a technologically sophisticated experience crafted by Enigmarium at the Noordung Centre in Vitanje. Immerse yourself in a thrilling escape game, unveiling the mysteries of the space station, and confront the challenges of living in outer space, all while addressing the issues brought about by artificial intelligence.

Do you recall the iconic sci-fi movie "2001 Odyssey", where artificial intelligence took control of the Noordung-designed space station? Now, at the Noordung Centre, you don't just watch a movie – you play the leading role, actively participating in a reality experience to save the station from an imminent crash to Earth.


About Noordung Centre:
The Noordung Centre in Vitanje is a space dedicated to cultural heritage and innovation in space science, offering unique experiences for visitors of all ages.

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About Enigmarium:
Enigmarium, a pioneering company in the creation of gamified experiences, excels in merging playfulness with local history, myths, and legends. Collaborating with esteemed partners, including museums, castles, and cities, Enigmarium has earned numerous awards for its innovative approach.

Photos by: Noordung Centre


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