Radovljica's December comes alive with original painted windows

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Radovljica's December comes alive with original painted windows

This December unveils a fresh and innovative town centre decoration in Radovljica with a unique addition - hand-painted windows created by local artist Meta Šolar.

Radovljica's December comes alive with original painted windows

For years, Radovljica has prided itself on authentic December displays, blending natural materials, traditional crafts, and local traditions. The town's entrance boasts a stunning Christmas wreath crafted by florist Dr. Sabina Šegula, while knitter Tanja Legat and Natalija Černe contribute with wreaths and willow decorations throughout the city.

This year's new feature are original paintings on city windows, a project led by academic painter Meta Šolar in partnership with Visit Radovljica. Twelve paintings on seven buildings create a unique open-air gallery, breathing new life into the December atmosphere.

The paintings can be found on seven buildings located within the city centre. The project actively engages the community by intertwining various windows and involving local partners. Private apartments and businesses alike showcase the collaborative effort, as building owners and users come together to create a diverse showcase of paintings. This does not only contribute to the visual richness of the project but also fosters a sense of community and actively supports local culture. Furthermore, the window painting project embraces environmental sustainability, as the project emphasizes originality by using easily removable paint instead of introducing new lights. This approach not only adds a unique touch to the December decoration but also minimizes the environmental impact, leaving no lasting traces while enhancing the overall festive atmosphere.

Meta Šolar, an accomplished academic painter from Radovljica, sees the project as a return to basic human creativity, as her window drawings perfectly complementing traditional decorations: "All paintings are done in white. The windows on Linhart Square have temporarily transformed into canvases depicting scenes predominantly of winter landscapes adorned with festive elements. In some instances, the motifs are thoughtfully adapted to the activities taking place within the houses. These artistic window displays complement the traditional decorations embellished with spruce, willow and lanterns. The result is an authentic festive atmosphere that enchants both visitors and locals."

As Radovljica's storefronts and windows transform into enchanting canvases, the December atmosphere becomes an authentic and festive experience for both visitors and locals alike.

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