Expert tips for a secure winter alpine adventure

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Expert tips for a secure winter alpine adventure

Explore our safety tips that will elevate your winter alpine adventures and guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience of Slovenian mountains.

Expert tips for a secure winter alpine adventure

Slovenian mountains in winter are breathtaking, but weather conditions pose unique challenges with lower temperatures, shorter days, closed mountain huts, specific snow conditions, and frequent strong winds. Consequently, venturing into the mountains during winter demands careful planning, terrain awareness, consideration of personal experience, proper equipment and extensive knowledge.

Below is the list of 13 safety tips to consider to make your experience of Slovenian mountains as enjoyable as possible. We also invite you also to browse through the leaflet about moutain safety in winter.


Avoid solo expeditions:

  • Never go to the mountains alone during winter.
  • Inform your family about your planned routes and itinerary.



Choose carefully:

  •    Select your mountaineering company and tour participants thoughtfully.
  •    Evaluate whether the chosen tour aligns with the capabilities of all participants.
  •    Always check the competence of the mountain guides.



Equipment and planning:

  •    Ensure you are properly equipped for mountain conditions.
  •    Learn how to use your equipment effectively.
  •    Start with your tour preparations at home.
  •    Engage in comprehensive planning, including selecting destinations and participants.
  •    Prepare all necessary equipment and monitor weather and snow-avalanche conditions.
  •    Consider every aspect of your journey thoroughly.


Avalanche hazard:

  • Check the functionality of your avalanche beacon at home.
  • Replace batteries if necessary and verify its operation at the starting point.
  • Consistently use the avalanche beacon during your tour.



Prepare for the season:

  •    Practice walking with crampons and using an ice ax before the start of the season.
  •    Familiarize yourself with proper techniques, including stopping on slopes with safe landings.



Adapt to abilities:

  •    Choose routes that match your psychophysical abilities.
  •    Adapt your pace to accommodate the capabilities of the weakest participant in your group.



Consider time constraints:

  • Plan your tour with consideration for shorter winter days.
  • Start excursions, tours, or hikes early enough to account for daylight limitations.




Check huts and snow conditions:

  • Check the availability of mountain huts, particularly as many are closed in winter.
  • Stay informed about snow conditions, including height, cover, and avalanche risk.
  • Avoid mountain visits for at least three days after heavy snowfall or thawing.



Continuous assessment:

  • Continuously evaluate tour conditions, the well-being of participants, and avalanche safety.
  • Respond appropriately to complications or problems during your journey.



Experience and education:

  • Approach mountain visits responsibly, gradually gaining experience over time.
  • Make decisions on your tour that prioritize the highest possible level of safety.
  • Take relevant courses to enhance your knowledge and experience.
  • If unsure of your abilities, consider hiring a suitably qualified guide for your tour.



Respect nature:

  • Acknowledge that you are guests in nature.
  • Recognize the vulnerability of wildlife during winter and act accordingly.




  • Carry all waste back to the valley and dispose of it in appropriate containers.
  • Avoid leaving waste such as citrus fruit and banana peels in nature.



Alcohol awareness:

Do not bring alcohol to the mountains, emphasizing the importance of clear-headed decision-making.



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Source and photos: Alpine Association of Slovenia

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