Slovenian chef Boštjan Volk triumphs as the 2023 European Young Chef Award winner

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Slovenian chef Boštjan Volk triumphs as the 2023 European Young Chef Award winner

Slovenian chef Boštjan Volk has been awarded with the coveted title of The European Young Chef Award 2023 at the prestigious competition hosted by IGCAT. The international jury led by Alexandre Gauthier, a distinguished chef boasting two Michelin stars and a green Michelin star, praised Boštjan's culinary masterpiece, the "Honey Hug", as the epitome of excellence.

Slovenian chef Boštjan Volk triumphs as the 2023 European Young Chef Award winner

At the prestigious IGCAT competition, Slovenian Chef Boštjan Volk has been honoured with the coveted title of The European Young Chef Award 2023. Boštjan's winning creation, a dessert crafted from locally sourced honey, pears, and walnuts, not only dazzled the judges with its technical brilliance and diverse textures but also conveyed a message about the significance of bees and beekeepers. The dish, described as both simple and complex, pays homage to those who contribute to vital pollination processes, ensuring bountiful harvests in agriculture, fruit cultivation, and floriculture.

Boštjan expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the dish's homage to the crucial role of bees in sustaining life: "The dish is both simple and complex and can surprise you with interesting flavors," he noted.


The jury praised Boštjan not only for his culinary artistry but also for his commitment to sustainability. The dessert, created entirely from locally grown ingredients, demonstrated a remarkable lack of food waste, aligning with the competition's emphasis on environmental consciousness. The jury extended congratulations to all participants for their commitment to sustainability and the promotion of local producers, underscoring the collective triumph achieved through such collaboration.

Top nine finalists from the European Regions of Gastronomy

The competition, held at the Lycée Hôtelier du Touquet on November 21 and 22, featured nine finalists representing European Gastronomic Regions and candidates for the title. Boštjan's triumph adds to the culinary prestige of Slovenia, which holds the 2021 European Region of Gastronomy title.

Cristina Pons from Menorca secured the second position, while Sander Mollerup from Denmark claimed the third spot. The event encompassed two key themes: "Innovation of Tradition" and the presentation of innovative interpretations of traditional recipes. In addition, it also provided a platform for finalists to immerse themselves in the diverse food cultures of Europe, fostering professional networks and promoting culinary innovation rooted in tradition and local produce.

The European Young Chef Award, in its seventh edition, serves as an annual celebration of emerging culinary talents from regions with a history of holding or aiming to attain the prestigious European Gastronomy Region title. This year's competition, hosted by the Hauts-de-France region, further solidified its role as an inspiration for culinary excellence and innovation in the heart of Europe.

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