Investments and innovations redefine Slovenian natural spas

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Investments and innovations redefine Slovenian natural spas

Slovenian natural spas are undergoing a dynamic transformation as they strive to enhance, diversify and expand their offerings. In a commitment to enriching their services, the spas are not only renovating existing facilities but also actively pursuing the development of new capacities. As the year draws to a close, investment projects are taking shape, with new initiatives on the horizon. More details below.

Investments and innovations redefine Slovenian natural spas

In their unwavering commitment to enriching the spa experience, Slovenian natural spa resorts are refurbishing existing facilities and expanding their capacities through the initiation of new projects. Renovations are underway to enhance the existing facilities, ensuring that they meet and exceed the expectations of wellness enthusiasts. At the same time, a forward-looking approach is adopted, with a strategic emphasis on the development of fresh capacities that align with evolving industry trends and visitor preferences. As part of this transformative journey, numerous comprehensive investment projects have been planned. The following article provides a detailed overview, offering a glimpse into the upgrades that await you at the Slovenian natural spa and wellness resorts.

Terme Čatež

Terme Čatež introduces a captivating addition to its offerings: the new Wellness Riviera. This expansive and meticulously designed wellness area spans 932 m², comprising 632 m² indoors and 300 m² outdoors. Indulge in pampering at its finest within the salt steam room, Turkish steam room, spacious Finnish sauna, and invigorating IR sauna. Alternatively, find serenity in the relaxarium, featuring intimate booths with heated benches, complemented by cold and warm foot baths, all nestled in a cozy space beside an indoor fireplace. In addition, it boasts a variety of pools, including a rejuvenating whirlpool, a refreshing cooling pool, and a generously sized warm massage/relaxation pool. Step onto the outdoor terrace, where a bio-herbal Finnish sauna awaits, surrounded by a herbal Zen garden, providing an idyllic spot for relaxation. Wellness Riviera emerges as a new and unparalleled oasis dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation, promising an elevated wellness experience.

Meanwhile, the ongoing renovation phase of the Health and Beauty Centre in Hotel Terme marks an exciting chapter in the spa's evolution. Anticipated to conclude by May 2024, the refurbishment will encompass saunas, fitness facilities and swimming pools, promising an enhanced and revitalized space for guests.

Wellness Riviera at Terme Čatež. Photo: Terme Čatež

Terme Dobrna

At Terme Dobrna, they are dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the spa while at the same time championing sustainable development within and offering boutique tourism experiences. Aligned with this visionary approach, the spa embarked on a project in 2020 to revive historically significant buildings, originally crafted for the accommodation and indulgence of spa guests dating back to the beginnings of the Dobrna Spa.

The culmination of this endeavour emerged in 2023 with the meticulous renovation and grand opening of Hotel Švicarija ****, a hotel dating back to 1872, named for its distinctive Swiss architectural characteristics. The hotel retained its original external and internal architectural elements, integrated with contemporary solutions to ensure the highest level of comfort. Presently, Hotel Švicarija boasts 43 modernly furnished rooms, the Sauna Spa featuring Finnish and Turkish saunas, a rest room, an outdoor terrace with a thermal shower, and a Kneipp treatment. Additionally, it houses a restaurant and cafe, reception, fitness room, and a dedicated space for business meetings.

Looking ahead to 2024, Terme Dobrna has ambitious plans for two significant renovations. Firstly, the reconstruction of the "Mlečna Marjanca" building, a former coffee house constructed between 1847 and 1860. This renovation will honour the architectural heritage of the building, transforming it into three versatile multi-purpose halls with an enhanced catering offering.

Simultaneously, another major investment is ready to go ahead: the transformation of the former carpentry workshops from around 1860 into a boutique accommodation facility featuring rooms and apartments. This building will undergo comprehensive reconstruction, guided by a close collaboration with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The facility will encompass at least 23 rooms, including four apartment suites, with average room sizes ranging from 21 to 60 m². This accommodation facility is an integral component in the groundwork for expanding capacities to include the construction of a swimming pool and wellness area, connecting with the already renovated Hotel Švicarija. This multifaceted vision underscores Terme Dobrna's commitment to preserving history while turning the spa into a vibrant and sustainable resort.

Švicarija Hotel. Photo: Terme Dobrna

Terme Krka

At Terme Krka, the pursuit of authentic experiences, the refinement of services, and strategic investments are unwavering priorities, ensuring that guests' well-being and health remain at the forefront. In the past year, significant funds were directed towards the revitalization of the coastal Talaso Strunjan.

Laguna Strunjan, a boutique Mediterranean complex offering diverse accommodation options, underwent an extensive transformation. Nova Laguna, a contemporary complex with distinct accommodation units, caters to the growing desire for individuality and a connection with nature, providing an escape from the everyday life. Modern, elegant rooms, apartments, and suites and alongside a restaurant that exudes Mediterranean charm are set in the exceptional Strunjan landscape park.

A notable addition to Strunjan is the exquisite Villa Laguna Strunjan, featuring three bedrooms, a kitchen, a sauna, and a spacious private terrace with panoramic sea views. Designed for exclusive groups of up to six people, the villa boasts a heated counter-current pool on the terrace surrounded by a garden. Its beautiful architecture, functional and aesthetic amenities, combined with sea views and a commitment to privacy, elevate the charm of the villa. Additionally, the lower floor of Villa Park was renovated, introducing three new spacious hotel rooms.

In Hotel Svoboda, a comprehensive renovation of the outdoor pool with sea water and a smaller pool within the hotel's swimming pool area was undertaken. Future plans include the refurbishment of the restaurant, kitchen, reception with an aperitif bar, and selected hotel rooms at Hotel Svoboda. Set to begin with the renovation in early December, the revamped Hotel Svoboda aims to showcase heightened quality in catering services and an expanded culinary offer by next spring.

Looking ahead, larger investments are planned for Dolenjske Toplice and Šmarješke Toplice spas. Dolenjske Toplice will focus on the complete restoration of the historic Hotel Vital, while Šmarješke Toplice plans to cover and renovate the parking lot and establish a new gym for spa guests. These ambitious goals are currently in the design phase, signaling an exciting chapter of growth and refinement in the near future.

Laguna Strunjan Photo: Terme Krka

Thermana Laško

In the milestone year of celebrating 70 years of medical rehabilitation, Thermana Laško is placing significant emphasis on the renovation of medical facilities, a crucial investment unfolding in two phases. The initial phase, nearing completion, focused on revitalizing the segments dedicated to hydrotherapy, work therapy, and essential infrastructure, amounting to a noteworthy investment of 1 million euros.

Looking ahead to the first half of 2024, a period marked not only by substantial investments but also by the celebration of Thermana's 170th anniversary, plans are underway to conclude the renovation with a special emphasis on the physiotherapy rooms. The second phase of this transformative project is estimated at approximately 1.5 million euros. Simultaneously, in 2024, there are further plans to enhance guest comfort by renovating hotel rooms at the Thermana Park Hotel Laško, with an investment of 400,000 euros.

Dedicated to sustainable practices, Thermana continues its commitment to renewable resources. In the upcoming year, a solar power plant will be installed on the roof of the Thermana Park Hotel, complementing the existing solar power plant on the outdoor parking lot adjacent to the Thermana Park complex. This innovative addition not only generates electricity but also serves as shading. The projected capacity of this solar power plant is 450 kW, representing an investment valued at 800,000 euros.

Additionally, Thermana is directing attention to a new thermal water well, strategically employed for the utilization of geothermal energy. These conscientious steps toward greater sustainability will further bolster the standing of Laško as a destination, already honored with the prestigious title of Slovenia Green Platinum, solidifying its position as one of the most sustainable tourist destinations in Slovenia.

Plans for the renovation of the physiotherapy rooms. Source: Thermana Laško.


Sava Hotels and Resorts

Saunas at the Radenci Spa

The Radenci Spa is set to elevate guest experiences with an increase in the number of diverse saunas and rest rooms. This thoughtful expansion aims to cater to the varied demands and preferences of guests, ensuring a comprehensive wellness offer.

Construction of a reinjection well

In Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice, a commitment to sustainability guides operations. Recognizing the significance of minimizing the impact on nature, the spa employs thermal water for bathing and heating purposes. To safeguard this valuable resource for future generations, the construction of a reinjection well is underway. This initiative ensures the return of a portion of pumped water to the earth's depths, preserving the pristine quality of the black thermo-mineral water. By adhering to stringent regulations, only water untouched by the external environment is reintroduced, contributing to environmental preservation and responsible water management.

Alternative energy sources in Sava Hotels & Resorts

Sava Hotels & Resorts have been at the forefront of energy-saving initiatives. Recent years witnessed comprehensive measures such as energy-efficient building renovations, including thermal envelopes, joinery replacements and energy system upgrades. Sustainable practices, including the use of energy-saving light bulbs and faucet aerators, have been seamlessly integrated without compromising guest comfort. Looking ahead, a focus on alternative energy sources, such as solar energy for hot water preparation and increased utilization of geothermal energy, underscores a commitment to long-term sustainability.

Past Renovations in Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, Terme Ptuj, Zdravilišče Radenci:

Several renovations have marked the journey of Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, Terme Ptuj, and Zdravilišče Radenci. Notable examples include:

  • Hotel Livada Prestige: Introduction of golf greens in rooms for children to experience golf.
  • Prekmurje Village Ajda: Preservation and modernization of typical Pannonian architecture.
  • Hotel Ajda: Thematic renovation highlighting the cultural significance of buckwheat.
  • Hotel Swimming Pool Ajda: Renovated to feature a dedicated buckwheat rest area.
  • Termal Hotel Pool: Incorporation of healing stones and chromotherapy.
  • Indoor Thermal Park Terme 3000: Creation of a lively pool area on the ground floor and a tranquil zone for resting and saunas on the upper floor.
  • Bridge of Health and Well-being: Connecting the hotel complex with the thermal baths.
  • Mobile Homes, Camp Terme Ptuj: Adapted for families, providing a free and comfortable stay.
  • Health Salon, Radenci: Offering CO2-rich mineral water and mineral hand baths for guests' well-being.
Pillows with buckwheat hulls are a specialty of Hotel Ajda's hotel rooms. Photo: Sava Hotels & Resorts

Terme Olimia

Perpetual innovation is the norm at Terme Olimia, even as the facilities consistently operate at full capacity. Recent endeavours showcase the unwavering commitment to enhancing guest experiences and advancing sustainability goals. In the lead-up to summer this year, a new slide graced the Aqualuna Thermal Park, marking just one facet of their dynamic initiatives. Additionally, the completion of solar power plants, generating 1.2 MW, underscores their steadfast commitment to sustainability, aligning seamlessly with outlined goals in the company's sustainability strategy.

Simultaneously, Terme Olimia is planning to construct of a new swimming pool complex adjacent to Hotel Breza. This eagerly anticipated addition is poised for construction shortly, with an expected opening in the coming year.

The revelation about the investment in a new family hotel, currently in the design phase, has captivated considerable attention. The planning phase is planned to be completed by the year's end, paving the way for contractor selection. Construction works will start in mid-2024. The envisioned 4-star superior family hotel, boasting around 145 rooms, will be tailored for families with children, spanning from the youngest to early teenagers. Beyond accommodations, the hotel will feature animation content, diverse games, and entertainment spaces, intricately connected to Termalija Family Fun's existing water programs through a warm corridor linking directly to the pools. Nestled in the forested area above the ponds, between Aparthotel Rosa and Village Lipa, the hotel will have its own direct connection from the main road.

This new hotel's offerings will seamlessly integrate with the Termalija Family Fun pool area. Sotelija Hotel is poised to transform into an "adults-only" haven, while Breza Hotel, catering to older guests and groups, aligns seamlessly with the new swimming pool by Breza. This strategic segmentation ensures an elevated level of service for each guest category without interference.

The comprehensive investment for hotel construction, including the connecting corridor, land purchase, and associated projects, is estimated at €25 to €30 million. The grand unveiling  is planned for the summer of 2025. 

Terme Olimia Photo:

Terme Portorož

In Terme Portorož, the Sauna Park, already boasting 7 saunas, welcomed a sophisticated addition this year—an entirely new infrared sauna featuring chromotherapy. This enhancement is poised to elevate the sauna experience for guests, providing a comprehensive and rejuvenating retreat.

Terme Zreče

At Unitur, the spotlight is on cultivating an exclusive synergy between the Terme Zreče thermal spa and the Rogla mountain sports resort. The strategic focus involves enriching active and green experiences, emphasizing outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Accommodations align with the standards set by the Slovenia Outdoor Association for hikers and cyclists. This commitment extends to presenting popular routes and unique experiences in the Rogla - Pohorje destination, showcased via a modern application on a smart screen.

This November, a fresh tourist offer will debut, enriching the destination's appeal and fostering year-round engagement. This initiative aims at mitigating seasonality while leveraging synergies with the existing sports, wellness, gastronomic, and experiential offer. Striking a balance between upgrades and environmental responsibility, these tourism products minimize their impact on the natural surroundings, ensuring accessibility and safety for users.

Unitur's unwavering commitment revolves around refining and enhancing the quality of their offer. The primary focus remains on elevating the experience for families, promoting healthy, green, and active holidays, and crafting culinary stories that harmonize local culinary traditions with contemporary healthy eating trends, spotlighting fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Terme Zreče, within this framework, continually upgrades their offer, integrating the latest scientific insights and rehabilitation methods. Addressing guests' well-being, the focus extends to harnessing the healing mid-mountain climate in Rogla. Tailored programs range from boosting resistance and psychophysical condition to stress reduction and enhancing sleep quality. Additionally, the culinary landscape undergoes innovative transformations, showcasing the fusion of local culinary heritage and modern healthy eating trends with fresh, locally produced foods and nutritional products.

Committed to international standards, Terme Zreče adheres to the guidelines outlined in the International Accreditation Charter for Quality and Safety of Medical Treatment. Upholding the standards set by the American Accreditation Commission International, their dedication ensures a friendly, secure, and organized working environment, alongside highly professional and safe medical care. Patient treatment quality and safety remain paramount in their pursuits.

New gastronomy stories at Terme Zreče. Photo:

Source and more information: Slovenian Natural Spa Resort Association

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