The Bled multimedia project springs to life!

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The Bled multimedia project springs to life!

Bled Tourism Board invites you to cherish and safeguard Bled's green, sustainable essence, extending beyond the town to the picturesque hinterland and the majestic Julian Alps. Their innovative multimedia content delves into the rich tapestry of natural and cultural heritage, and shows unique, unforgettable moments that you can experience there.

The Bled multimedia project springs to life!

Through captivating multimedia content, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in Bled's green story, exploring the wider Julian Alps area—reinforcing the commitment to sustainable tourism. A new short film captures the romantic and green essence of Bled, while an intriguing podcast, "Bled - Is This the Most Beautiful Place on Earth?" shares local stories. Additionally, a release of "Bledology" has also been  announced. Crafted together with Dr. Noah Charney, an American residing in Slovenia, these initiatives aim to deepen the connection between visitors and Bled.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Inspired by an Instagram engagement photo, the short film follows three friends seeking the perfect proposal spot around Lake Bled. Unforeseen challenges lead them from Pokljuka Gorge to Bled Castle, highlighting Bled's charm and the resilience found in unexpected moments. In the style of Wes Anderson, the film is a collaborative effort by the brother-sister duo Ciril and Katarina Jazbec, evoking a visual masterpiece. The narrative is enriched by Dr. Noah Charney's involvement and humour injected by stand-up comedian Rok Bohinc.


"Bled - Is This the Most Beautiful Place in the World?"  - the Podcast

Hosted by Noah Charney, the podcast delves into Bled's beauty, local life, cuisine, and experiences across 12 episodes. Covering topics from Bled Castle to sustainability, each episode provides insights to enhance a perfect vacation. 

Both, the short film and podcast, are accessible on and Bled Tourism's official YouTube and podcast platforms, offering a rich tapestry of Bled's allure. These initiatives aim to engage a global audience, strengthening the unique bond every Slovenian shares with Bled, unveiling its diverse corners and fostering a deeper connection between visitors and this enchanting destination.

Live podcast with Mojca Lah

During the presentation of the project, Dr. Noah Charney brought the stage to life with a captivating live podcast featuring Mojca Lah. She unveiled the Lah Museum project, set to grace the space beneath Bled Castle in 2024. This contemporary art haven, housing 800 pieces from the private collection of the Lah family, boasts the architectural signature of Pritzker laureate David Chipperfield.

Noah Charney and the "Bledology"

Following the success of "Slovenology," a bestseller showcasing the witty description of Slovenia and Slovenians, the upcoming release "Bledology" promises a unique perspective on interesting places, people, and local customs in this part of the Julian Alps. Departing from typical tourist guides, Charney's work promises a fresh exploration of the region's charm.

Charney emphasized, "Bled, with its picturesque landscape, is absolutely unique." Recognized even in China's travel packages, Bled is celebrated as the quintessential postcard-worthy destination, evoking childhood fairy-tale landscapes.

Source and more information: Bled Tourism

Photo by Boris Pretnar

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