A captivating article by Peggy Orenstein about Juliana Trail in prestigious AFAR Magazine

Published: 6.11.2023

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A captivating article by Peggy Orenstein about Juliana Trail in prestigious AFAR Magazine

In spring, the Slovenian Tourist Board hosted American journalist Peggy Orenstein in Slovenia, where she embarked on an exhilarating hiking adventure along the Juliana Trail, a picturesque long-distance hiking route around the Julian Alps. As a result, she wrote an extensive twelve-page article, "Where the Quiet Things Are," featured in the latest edition of the esteemed AFAR Magazine. What is more, Bohinj is featured on the cover. 

A captivating article by Peggy Orenstein about Juliana Trail in prestigious AFAR Magazine

In her 12-page article, "Where the Quiet Things Are", published in the prestigious American magazine AFAR's autumn edition, journalist Peggy Orenstein shares her experience of the long-distance Juliana Trail. Accompanied by striking photographs that capture the diverse natural beauty and local culture of the places she visited, Orenstein explains how this unique adventure compelled her to appreciate life's simpler moments: "The Juliana Trail would force me to shift my focus from ticking every box to appreciating smaller, slower, and perhaps more spontaneous moments."


At the end of the article, a mini guide to Slovenia is included. It not only highlights the Juliana Trail but also features prominent destinations such as Ljubljana, Bled (which is also part of the trail), select restaurants (like Hiša Franko, Aljažev dom, Blejski grad Restaurant and Kosobrin), and accommodations (Intercontinental Ljubljana, Kendov dvorec, Hotel Bohinj, and Grand Hotel Toplice).

The Juliana Trail, a circular long-distance route stretching 267 km, offers an unforgettable experience of the Julian Alps. It traverses urban valleys, serene plateaus, mountain passes, hidden paths in less populated areas, and major tourist hubs along the mountain's fringes. Along the way, hikers can follow the course of rivers Soča, Sava, Bače, and Tolminka, briefly touching the Italian border in a quieter, less populated section. The trail also gives you panoramic views of Triglav, Slovenia's tallest peak.

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AFAR is a travel and lifestyle magazine that focuses on experiential and immersive travel content. It is known for its distinctive approach to travel journalism, which emphasizes cultural exploration, authentic experiences, and in-depth storytelling. It is issued in the United States, with its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. While it primarily targets an American readership, its content is designed to resonate with travellers worldwide who share an interest in meaningful and culturally immersive experiences. The magazine also boasts a strong online presence in addition to its print edition and has received recognition for its high-quality travel journalism and visually striking content. 

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