Slovenia at WTM London 2023: Cultural experiences take centre stage

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Slovenia at WTM London 2023: Cultural experiences take centre stage

At one of the most important global tourism exchanges, WTM London, taking place from November 6 to 8, Slovenian tourism will be showcasing its rich culture and exciting cultural experiences. A total of 21 destinations and companies will be featured on the Slovenian Tourist Board's stand, distinguished by an upgraded image, innovative functionalities and a contemporary approach to engaging both the general public and the business sector. The partner role is taken over by Ljubljana.

Slovenia at WTM London 2023: Cultural experiences take centre stage

Slovenian tourism will place a special emphasis on culture and cultural experiences in London this year, aligning with the central communication theme of the STB for 2024 and 2025, which revolves around art and culture.

The presentation's partner will be Ljubljana Tourism, highlighting one of the capital's newest attractions: handicraft workshops. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness the craft of printing firsthand, using a 60-year-old manual bookbinder and an antique printing press to create iconic views of Ljubljana. These printed posters will serve as cherished mementos of WTM and Ljubljana.

In addition to Ljubljana Tourism, numerous other Slovenian companies, including Bled Tourism, Maribor Tourism, Julian Alps, Bled Rose Hotel, HIT Alpinea, Sava Turizem, Terme Čatež, Terme Krka, Terme Olimia, Postojnska Cave, Van Gogh Agency, Ekorna Travel, Fabula Tours, Happy Tours, Kompas, Kompas Novo Mesto, M Tours, Palma Travel DMC, Promet T&T and Opus Magnum, will present their offer within the 210-square-metre Slovenian exhibition space.

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An upgraded presentation with innovative elements and functionality

Slovenian tourism is arriving in London with a revitalized and enhanced central exhibition space. This modular solution will serve as a showcase at domestic and international fairs and expos for years to come.

The exhibition space is characterized by innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. It's forward-looking, incorporating the latest technologies, including modern LED panels displaying high-quality video content enriched with elements of artificial intelligence. This approach ensures the Slovenian tourism presentation gains greater visibility across social media platforms.

In keeping with contemporary trends emphasizing personalized engagement, the exhibition space offers new experiential points and comfortable areas for formal and informal conversations. These zones cater to business discussions within the Slovenian tourism industry and interactions with foreign business communities.

Furthermore, the setup features a lounge area designed for advanced presentations, discussions, or gatherings, all while maintaining a green, sustainable ethos.

The sustainability aspect of the upgrade is a strong focus, evidenced by the use of environmentally friendly materials, recycled wooden components, and the rejuvenation of worn-out elements from previous years.

Travel Talks with Dr Noah Charney

On Tuesday, November 7, Dr. Noah Charney, who is also the host of Feel Slovenia the podcast, will host travel talks, targeted at a select group of specialized media, influencers, and key figures in the tourism industry, aligned with the theme and digital focus.

The event will kick off with a conversation with the director of Tourism Ljubljana, MSc. Petra Stušek, followed by discussions on long-distance hiking trails in the Julian Alps—the Juliana Trail and the Alpe Adria Trail. Key participants in this conversation include Klemen Langus, Director of Bohinj Tourism, Tit Potočnik, Director of Triglav National Park, Rudolf Abraham, journalist and author of the Juliana Trail hiking guide, and Trevor Claringbold, Creative Director of Globetrotter TV.

The third discussion will center on the old printing craft and handicraft workshops, featuring Marko Drpić from TipoRenesansa. The final conversation will focus on the European Capital of Culture 2025: Nova Gorica and Gorica.

The talks will also be live-streamed.

About WTM London

WTM London stands as one of the world's most important business events in the tourism industry. It brings together the international travel community, inspiring, educating, and facilitating information exchange. Moreover, it provides exhibitors with the opportunity to strike deals and connect with potential and existing business partners. In the previous year, WTM saw attendance from over 35,000 business visitors representing 184 countries.

Slovenian NFT Experience at City Nation Place Global

Immediately after the WTM, the City Nation Place Global conference will take place in London. On Thursday, November 9, as part of a panel discussing digitalization and the utilization of artificial intelligence in tourism, the STB will present the "Julian Alps Ultimate Sensory Adventure" project. This unique initiative transformed an exclusive digital souvenir into an unforgettable Slovenian experience.

City Nation Place Global ranks among the world's premier conferences in the domains of best practices in tourism, brand management, and visibility building.

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