Autumn to early winter mountain escapes: prioritizing safety is crucial

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Autumn to early winter mountain escapes: prioritizing safety is crucial

This year's summer season in mountain huts exceeded expectations, with foreign guests boosting overnight stays beyond 2022 levels. While the highland huts are currently closed, the lower ones are still welcoming visitors. When preparing for your autumn mountain adventure, make sure to prepare properly and ensure a safe experience.

Autumn to early winter mountain escapes: prioritizing safety is crucial

Record summer season, especially thanks to foreign guests

This year's summer season in mountain huts exceeded expectations, with the number of overnight stays slightly surpassing last year's figures. The trend of increasing foreign visitors is becoming more apparent. According to statistical data until the end of September, 62 percent were foreigners, while 38 percent were domestic guests. This trend is particularly visible in the central part of the Julian Alps, which, thanks to Slovenia's promotional efforts, have become a major attraction. 

Mountain huts are ready to welcome visitors after severe summer storms and floods

Despite the challenges posed by severe summer storms and floods in certain regions, which briefly disrupted mountain access, most of the mountain huts were undamaged. Although some paths were affected, particularly in the Upper Savinjska Valley and Koroška (Carinthia), the majority of mountain trails have been inspected and are now safe to use. A few paths still remain closed for safety reasons, but many have reopened and you can easily find this information on the PZS website or maPZS.

PLEASE NOTE: Planinski dom Tamar (Tamar Mountain Hut) reports that the hiking trail from Planica to Tamar is currently closed due to flooding and numerous fallen trees, making it highly dangerous.

While the mountain huts in the highlands are already closed, the lower ones are still welcoming visitors, despite the unpredictable weather forecast for the coming weeks. The opening schedules for these huts may vary, with many only open on weekends, particularly from November onward. Some of the higher-altitude huts that remain open on weekends in October may also close.

For more information on the opening of mountain huts, check out the link below

All about mountain huts in Slovenia

Recommendations for a safer autumn mountain visit

Please be aware that many huts can be closed in adverse weather conditions, especially if bad weather, deep snow, or a declared high risk of avalanches make access to the huts difficult or unsafe. In many areas, the first snow has already fallen, emphasizing the importance of experience and proper equipment, such as crampons, ice axes, and helmets. Fallen leaves can cover wet roots and rocks, increasing the risk of sprains, fractures, and falls resulting in head and spinal injuries.

Visiting the mountains in autumn can be an unforgettable experience if you are well-prepared, equipped with the right gear, and know how to use it. By following the recommendations below, you can ensure a safer mountain trip and take on the responsibility that comes with it.

Here are some recommendations for a safer autumn mountain visit:

  1. Check the weather forecast before your trip and be prepared for rapidly changing conditions.
  2. Start your hike early in the morning to make the most of the daylight hours, as autumn days are shorter.
  3. Always have the latest edition of a mountain map at hand and use reliable smartphone apps like maPZS and LocusMap.
  4. Learn about the condition of mountain trails with the help of maPZS and stick to marked trails.
  5. Make sure to check weather conditions constantly, as the weather can change rapidly. Look out for signs of thunderstorms or other dangerous conditions and be ready to turn back if necessary.


You can also find more advice on a dedicated page at and in our podcast



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