Slovenian Tourist Board wins SEMPL Gold Award for Twitter Amplify Tour de France digital campaign

Published: 20.10.2023 More info

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Slovenian Tourist Board wins SEMPL Gold Award for Twitter Amplify Tour de France digital campaign

At the SEMPL media trends conference in Portorož, the Sempler awards were announced, recognizing the best media strategies. The STB's Twitter Amplify digital campaign during Tour de France was awarded a gold SEMPLER in the category of the best social media campaign.

Slovenian Tourist Board wins SEMPL Gold Award for Twitter Amplify Tour de France digital campaign

The SEMPL conference in Portorož serves as a meeting point for media, advertising, PR agencies, marketing experts, technology specialists, and psychology professionals from across the globe. Its mission is to enhance communication efficiency, successful media planning, foster new marketing approaches, and promote innovations in the media industry. It also rewards outstanding achievements in these areas, in addition to featuring insights from renowned speakers and unforgettable networking opportunities during the conference.

On October 19, as part of the competition, the SEMPLER awards were presented in eleven categories. These awards acknowledge exceptional communication efforts that go beyond the ordinary and safe boundaries. The Twitter Amplify campaign during the Tour de France, masterminded by STB and brought to life by Pristop Media, Renderspace and D'Agency, was awarded the gold SEMPLER for the best social media campaign.

The award-winning campaign was run by STB on Twitter in collaboration with Tour de France's A.S.O. organizer. It proved highly successful, achieving over 12 million views, 83,000 clicks on, and 110,000 interactions in markets including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, UK, USA and Canada.


Working closely with Twitter's creative team, STB produced three distinct videos for the campaign. These videos were showcased during the Tour de France before the start of video announcements on the Tour de France profile. The advertisements emphasized Slovenia as a remarkable destination for outdoor activities and cycling. Each video had a unique theme, presenting Tadej Pogačar, Primož Roglič, and Slovenia's breathtaking nature. All ads directed viewers to the global digital campaign's landing page, where they could explore content promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination.

An example of an ad pre-roll video as part of the Twitter Amplify Tour de France campaign.

The campaign's success was further enhanced by well-timed releases and a winning selection of participants. The Tour de France, featuring two Slovenian tourism ambassadors, Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič, provided the perfect opportunity to not only showcase Slovenian cycling destinations and champions but also to highlight the country's exceptional gastronomy, history, and culture. The campaign's message, delivered at the right moment and through the right channels, was key to its success.

Twitter also showcased the campaign as an exemplary case on its official pages. This endorsement is particularly significant, affirming that Slovenia effectively reaches its target audience of adventure seekers, travelers, and cycling enthusiasts.

Cover Photo: Collage of SEMPL Instagram Story

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