The winning idea of the Young Drummers creative competition comes from Armenia

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The winning idea of the Young Drummers creative competition comes from Armenia

As an integral component of the Golden Drum Festival, a competition was organized for young creatives. Supported by the Slovenian Tourist Board, the aim was to seek innovative solutions for a poster or series of posters on the theme of cultural tourism: "On a Date with a Masterpiece."

The winning idea of the Young Drummers creative competition comes from Armenia

On 10 October, The Golden Drum Festival wrapped up in Portorož with the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony. For several years now, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has actively participated in and supported a special competition category dedicated to young creative talents.

This year, young creatives from around the globe sought solutions for a poster or series of posters on Slovenian art and culture. Art and culture will also be the two-year main communication theme of the STB. The creative competition encouraged young drummers to propose ideas on how to invite travellers to Slovenia for a memorable experience: "A Date with a Masterpiece".

The response was outstanding and an expert jury comprising Mykola Kovalenko from the Ukrainian-Slovak studio Mykola-Kovalenko, Rik Eteläkoski, Creative Director of the Finnish agency Nitro Group, Jakub Svetlik from the Slovak agency Istropolitana Ogilvy and Tina Sračnjek and Katja Nared from the Slovenian Tourist Board's Content Digital Marketing Sector, shortlisted and then selected this year's winning idea from among more than 50 entries.



The winning entry was the "When it's a Match!" poster series, created by young Armenian designer Paul Schneider from the Armenian design studio Schneider.Studio. The poster series masterfully combines the many contrasts offered by Slovenian art and culture, and Slovenia in general. The artist himself best described the concept: "As a big idea I used a reference to a famous dating app. Slovenia is a small region offering tourists an intricate symphony, felt in the culture, gastronomy and natural wonders each of which is waiting to be uniquely explored. A glass of homemade riesling fits perfectly with a sunset on Triglav. Or your weekend can start from the Premier A basketball game and slowly flow into the evening’s Jazz Concert. There is always the option of bracing the day with a breakfast of Kremna Rezina around Vurnik House, and finishing it with a stroll through Logarska Dolina fields. These may sound like options pulled from around the world but they are all waiting for you in Slovenia. This poster series celebrates Slovenia’s diversity and authenticity through colours and a handmade cutout effect capturing the audience's attention, each presenting a catchy slogan."

At the announcement, he proudly explained: "I am delighted to be the winner of this competition! I love basketball, Riesling and green fields, which I have highlighted in my poster series. And I love that Slovenia loves it too. That's why I'm the right choice for the winner, haha. Joking aside, thank you to the Golden Drum Festival and the Slovenian Tourist Board for organising this competition, it was exciting."

Explore the rest of the Young Drummers' innovative proposals here.

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