Slovenia: a captivating film destination

Published: 5.10.2023

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Slovenia: a captivating film destination

Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, unveiled Slovenia's charm as an exciting film destination during the Business-to-Diplomacy (B2D) event in Piran on October 5. Beyond being a popular domestic productions destination, Slovenia has earned a reputation as a sought-after destination for global film production. The STB closely works with the Slovenian Film Centre to showcase Slovenia as an appeling destination to the international film industry.

Slovenia: a captivating film destination

The audiovisual industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the last decade, with new distribution platforms, near-complete digitalization, and the emergence of global influencers playing key roles in this transformation.

Slovenia, celebrated for its diversity, safety, and sustainability, has become the choice of numerous global audiovisual giants. Its stunning landscapes, including coastlines, lakes, caves, rivers, and castles, offer an array of captivating filming locations, each unique to the country's varied seasons. In 2017, Slovenia introduced a financial incentive for audiovisual production. The country also boasts exceptional expertise in this field and provides state-of-the-art equipment.

Notable projects highlighting Slovenia's appeal as a film destination include the filming of the Netflix production "The Union" in 2022, featuring renowned actors such as Halle Berry, Mark Wahlberg, and J.K. Simmons. Over the years, major players like Disney and Amazon have also chosen Slovenia as a backdrop for their productions.

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The B2D event, titled "Slovenia – a unique film destination", was organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia in partnership with the Slovenian Film Centre and the Municipality of Piran. It catered to the foreign diplomatic corps and coincided with the Slovenian Film Festival, providing a platform to interact with Slovenian film artists and creators.


Director of the Slovenian Film Centre Nataša Bučar, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, MSc. Maja Pak, and Slovenian actress Nika Rozman

Speaking at the event were Slobodan Šešum, Director General of the Economic and Public Diplomacy Directorate, Andrej Korenika, Mayor of Piran, Blaž Mazi, Director General of the Media Directorate at the Ministry of Culture, Dubravka Kalin, Director General of the Directorate of Tourism at the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport, and Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

The event also featured a round table discussion on the topic, with Nataša Bučar, Director of the Slovenian Film Centre, producer Ira Cecić, Klemen Dvornik, Director of the Association of Slovenian Filmmakers, and Matej Knep from the Municipality of Piran. Actress Nika Rozman moderated the discussion.

The STB recognizes the potential of film production on tourism, emphasizing the significance of promotional activities. Working closely with the Slovenian Film Centre, the STB played a role in creating a specialized thematic brochure and implemented the national I feel Slovenia brand across all printed materials of the Slovenian Film Centre. Since 2017, the STB, along with the Slovenian Film Centre, has been showcasing Slovenia to filmmakers at the renowned European film festival in Cannes. Additionally, in 2018 and 2019, both organizations jointly participated in the highly regarded FOCUS London fair, which promotes film locations on an international scale.

Before COVID-19, the STB and the Slovenian Film Centre conducted a dedicated workshop for tourist destinations. The workshop explored the advantages and potential offered by the film industry for tourism development, offering practical advice on leveraging filmmaking's potential and effectively facilitating film crews' visits to destinations.

Looking ahead, the STB remains committed to showcasing Slovenia as a premier film destination, both in Europe and overseas markets. The influence of the film industry on a global scale is well-recognized, and Slovenia's presence as a cinematic backdrop plays a pivotal role in promoting the nation as a tourist destination, increasing global awareness of the country's beauty and inspiring viewers to visit.

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