Olimje earns prestigious international sustainability award

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Olimje earns prestigious international sustainability award

The municipality of Podčetrtek achieved an impressive score of 89 out of 100 in the international evaluation conducted by Communities in Bloom. This accomplishment resulted in a "5 flowers", which is silver rating, and a special recognition for their collaborative efforts in the field of tourism. 

Olimje earns prestigious international sustainability award

In Canada, in Fort McMurray, prestigious Communities in Bloom awards ceremony took place between September 27 and October 1. Podčetrtek competed in the "Small Towns" category, along with Sorradile from Sardinia and the Canadian town of Sussex. Podčetrtek's municipal rating received a stellar five-star designation in the small towns category, placing them among the top three well-being destinations globally. At the event, the Municipality of Podčetrtek was recognized as an international leader in sustainable tourism.

Communities in Bloom is a voluntary Canadian non-profit organization that champions the development of local communities through a multi-stage assessment process, emphasizing environmental sustainability, the expansion of green spaces, and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Throughout the summer, volunteer evaluation committees traveled to municipalities and local communities, including Podčetrtek, where they conducted their assessments. Berta Briggs and Mrs. Andrea Bocsi, two of the evaluators, had this to say: "Podčetrtek is situated on the border with Croatia and is positioned as an eco-friendly, sustainable destination. Their success in attracting visitors lies in their offerings of nature, local cuisine, wines, handicrafts, and warm hospitality. The tourism journey began with the utilization of thermal water. Through the hard work of family-owned businesses and individual homeowners, tourism has spurred the development of smaller and more intriguing attractions that have become integral to the tourist experience. The region's greatest strength lies in its collaboration with the local community, individuals, and businesses, creating a vibrant and inclusive community that welcomes people from around the world."

During the symposium, in addition to receiving awards, attendees enjoyed workshops, tours, and presentations showcasing the local environment of Fort McMurray. Podčetrtek's delegation was honoured with two awards and proudly represented the Municipality of Podčetrtek and Slovenia.

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