STB's digital achievements honoured at Websi 2023

Published: 15.9.2023

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STB's digital achievements honoured at Websi 2023

Once again, the professional marketing community at Websi 2023 Awards has recognized the exceptional work of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB). Among the award recipients are STB's projects "Choose a Career in Tourism" and "Slovenia Unique Experiences".

STB's digital achievements honoured at Websi 2023

The STB applied two marketing projects for this year's WEBSI Awards. "Choose a Career in Tourism" secured second place in the "Public and Non-Governmental Organizations" category, while the project "Slovenia Unique Experiences, Recommended by the Slovenian Tourist Board" claimed the third prize in the "Tourism" category. A total of 206 projects across 34 categories applied for the esteemed WEBSI awards, now in its 33rd edition. The winners were selected by a panel of over 130 marketing experts. 

Choose a Career in Tourism

With the objective of elevating the status of careers in tourism and hospitality, the Slovenian Tourist Board, in partnership with other institutions last year launched the national promotional campaign "Creating Experiences". The campaign's message was "Choose a Career in Tourism".

This long-term initiative aims to introduce a diverse array of professions while empowering the broader public, especially young people, their parents, school counselors, and those contemplating a career change. It provides relevant information about the benefits of pursuing a career in tourism.

Positive developments and transformations in this field, often overlooked by the media, are brought into focus. Careers in tourism today offer personal growth, international exposure, networking opportunities, and a chance to contribute to local community development and sustainable activities. Those who opt for a career in tourism or hospitality have great opportunities for advancement, if only ambitious enough. Consequently, the campaign spotlights professions that, while fascinating, may sometimes go unnoticed. Every individual working in tourism contributes to crafting memorable experiences for each guest, leaving an indelible mark in the process—this is particularly crucial for Generation Z.

The campaign engaged young people via the @turizemjezakon profile on TikTok, presenting various professions in a lighthearted, educational, and entertaining manner. In February 2023, a dedicated website,, was launched as an information hub. This website consolidates all relevant information in one place. First-person success stories from diverse professions complement information about educational possibilities at various levels, employment prospects, independent entrepreneurial paths, and links to websites featuring job vacancies. Information is also available regarding potential financial incentives for employers and job seekers, along with scholarships for professions facing shortages. A special section is dedicated to encouraging young entrepreneurs embarking on independent journeys. Readers will find industry news and updates on current educational and promotional events. The website also integrates TikTok videos and Youtube shorts, corresponding to each profession. The website is currently available only in Slovenian.

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Slovenia Unique Experiences - SUE

Slovenia Unique Experiences is a project initiated by the Slovenian Tourist Board, addressing tourist service providers to create unique experiences with added value. This contributes to establishing Slovenia's brand as a green, boutique, and sustainable destination with a smaller environmental footprint, delivering more value for all.

The entire process, from experience registration by contractors to the final selection and presentation on the portal, unfolds via the digital platform. This web application ensures a top-notch UX for applicants, evaluators, administrators, and portal visitors during the presentation and online booking of experiences. Experiences earn the "SUE" certification through an evaluation process based on 40 criteria grounded in 10 principles: local, authentic, unique, experiential, green, boutique, premium, added value, off-season, and quality digital experience. Selected unique experiences receive exposure through all of STB's digital activities, with a requirement for recertification every 3 years.


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STB's involvement in other awarded projects at Websi

STB also gained recognition at the Websi competition for its involvement in the project "Slovenian Mountains on Swiss Chocolate". This project secured first place in the categories of "Public and non-governmental organizations" and "Tourism," as well as third place in the "Social networks" category.

The project made a significant impact with a clever and amusing announcement on Facebook and Twitter, courtesy of the marketing agency. This approach exemplifies the use of a method known as newsjacking, which involves leveraging current news to capture attention and engage the audience.

One single organic post garnered over 100,000 views, resulting in more than 500 visits to the Triglav National Park page on the website. The post also elicited a strong response from both domestic and international followers who shared it and praised its creative content.

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