Unveiling Slovenia's sporting excellence through a new brochure

Published: 15.9.2023

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Unveiling Slovenia's sporting excellence through a new brochure

Slovenia has earned its reputation as a preferred choice for athletes from across the globe. The advantages and extensive possibilities for hosting large-scale professional and recreational competitions, along with other crucial details, are now elegantly presented in our latest publication, "Slovenia. Winning. My Way".

Unveiling Slovenia's sporting excellence through a new brochure

The new publication titled "Slovenia. Winning. My Way" primarily targets specialized tourist organizations and sports preparation agencies, serving as an invaluable resource for key figures within professional and amateur sports clubs, international sports event organizers, sports journalists, and other professionals deeply immersed in the sports domain.

Beyond highlighting the outstanding facilities for sports preparation, it also emphasizes Slovenia's capacity to host world-class sporting events across various disciplines, as well as sports conferences and gatherings. Furthermore, it sheds light on the possibilities for athlete rehabilitation and injury prevention. While celebrating Slovenian cheering culture, it extends a warm invitation to fans to explore the diverse offerings of Slovenian tourism. The content is further enriched with insights from Slovenian athletes and significant contributors to the world of sports and sports tourism in Slovenia.

This comprehensive 72-page publication is available in both Slovenian and English. It is available in printed copies, as well as an online brochure.

The Slovenian Tourist Board extends gratitude to Matjaž Han, Minister of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport, Aleksandar Čeferin, President of UEFA, Franjo Bobinac, President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, and all Slovenian athletes who lent their support to the creation of this publication.

Anticipated for 2024, the publication's content is set to be updated through the Slovenia Sports Destination information portal. This endeavour stands as a pivotal part of Slovenia's strategic vision to establish itself as a competitive force in sports tourism.

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