A new dispersed hotel in Jeruzalem

Published: 11.9.2023

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A new dispersed hotel in Jeruzalem

A new dispersed hotel has opened its doors in Jeruzalem, Slovenia. It connects 14 different accommodation providers.

A new dispersed hotel in Jeruzalem

A new concept in hospitality has emerged in Jeruzalem, Slovenia: the Dispersed Hotel Jeruzalem. This innovative concept provides tourists with the opportunity to stay in various houses, rooms, or cottages scattered across different locations in the municipalities of Ormož, Središče ob Dravi and Sveti Tomaž.

Despite their diverse locations, these accommodations have set up common service quality standards and they offer centralized services such as reservations, check-ins, and promotions to both providers and guests. As a result, this collection of 14 dispersed tourist accommodations, united under a common identity, now presents itself as a dispersed hotel that caters to overnight or holiday stays in the these municipalities.

Here is the list of accommodation providers within the dispersed hotel:

  • APARTMA DANICA, Ptujska cesta 14, Ormož
  • CASA No.51, Kog 51
  • D&H HOUSE, Pavlovci 22a
  • TAVERNA Guesthouse, Svetinje 21, Ivanjkovci
  • PEP'S HOUSE, Svetinje 11, Ivanjkovci
  • HIŠA VUKAN, Kajžar 33a, Miklavž pri Ormožu
  • Hostel ORMOŽ, Kerenčičev trg 11, Ormož
  • NEBESA SO TUDI NA ZEMLJI, Koračice 54a, Sveti Tomaž
  • PRLEČKA HOLIDAY HOUSE, Mali Brebrovnik 43, Miklavž pri Ormožu
  • SONJA OZMEC TOURIST FARM, Senešci 83, Velika Nedelja
  • VINSKI RAJ GLAVINIČ, Glavinič Farmhouse, Vinski vrh 6, Miklavž pri Ormožu
  • ZELENA OAZA - GREEN OASIS - RELAX DESTINATION, Vinski vrh 76, Miklavž pri Ormožu

The reception desk is located at the TIC in Ormož, situated in the castle at Grajski trg 3.

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