Improving accessibility for people with disabilities in Ljubljana

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Improving accessibility for people with disabilities in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Tourism has introduced a new feature that will significantly enhance the experience of travelers with disabilities. Tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, sports venues, and other facilities can now be easily categorized based on their adaptations for people with various disabilities.

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities in Ljubljana

This innovation allows visitors to gain valuable insights before arriving in Ljubljana, enabling them to identify which facilities cater to the needs of the blind and partially sighted, individuals with physical challenges, and those who are deaf or hard of hearing. This newfound accessibility information empowers travelers to plan their visit to Ljubljana with confidence, ultimately enhancing their overall experience in the capital.

In 2022, Ljubljana Tourism initiated a comprehensive project aimed at improving universal accessibility within the city and its surrounding region. In partnership with the Zavod Brez Ovir (Barrier-free Institute), the project started with an extensive online and telephone survey of various tourist facilities. Subsequently, based on the collected data, a selection of sites was chosen for on-site assessments. Experts from the institute conducted thorough evaluations of 200 facilities, taking into account the needs of individuals with physical challenges, the blind and partially sighted, as well as those with hearing impairments. In 2022, they focused on accommodations and tourist attractions, while in 2023, they shifted their attention to catering establishments and tourist infrastructure throughout the Central Slovenia region.

All facilities participating in this assessment received recommendations for enhancing their accessibility, and many of them have already implemented these improvements. For example, Ljubljana Tourism has equipped their Tourist Information Centre with a mobile hearing loop, exemplifying their commitment to inclusivity.

Ensuring universal accessibility within the tourist infrastructure is a cornerstone of Ljubljana's ongoing development as a sustainable, intelligent, and inclusive tourist destination. These adaptations not only offer individuals with disabilities more equitable access to a diverse range of experiences and content but also benefit the elderly, parents with baby carriages, and other travelers.

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