Slovenia's strong presence at World Basketball Championship shines Through Luka Dončić

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Slovenia's strong presence at World Basketball Championship shines Through Luka Dončić

The Slovenian national basketball team secured the top spot in their group during the initial round of the World Championship. Leveraging the star power of the ambassador of Slovenian tourism, Luka Dončić, the Slovenian Tourist Board is actively engaged in highlighting both Slovenia and the "I feel Slovenia" brand throughout the Championships.

Slovenia's strong presence at World Basketball Championship shines Through Luka Dončić

Currently in the spotlight of Asian fans, the Slovenian national basketball team, led by captain Luka Dončić, is making waves as the first round of the World Cup draws to a close. The fact that they are No.1 in their group, the Slovenian team's journey is capturing the attention. During the Championships, the Slovenian Tourist Board, together with its ambassador Luka Dončić, is trying to enhance the global visibility of Slovenia and the national "I Feel Slovenia" brand.

Slovenia at FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023

The World Basketball Championship stands as a remarkable platform for Slovenia and the "I feel Slovenia" brand to showcase themselves on the world stage. With a specific focus on the enthusiastic Asian and North American markets, where basketball enjoys tremendous popularity and Luka Dončić shines as the tournament's leading star, this event holds unparalleled promise. Let us recall: the previous championship, held four years ago, garnered an astounding viewership of over 3 billion from 190 countries worldwide.

Slovenian Tourist Board's engagements throughout the Championships

In the opening round, the Slovenian national team competes in Japan, where the enthusiasm for Slovenia is remarkable: Japanese fans create a home-like atmosphere at every match, waving numerous Slovenian flags, displaying signs in Slovenian language, and filling the stands with resounding support. Dončić, the prominent star of the championship and the Slovenian national team, enjoys unwavering backing from the fans. Emerging victorious in Group F with three wins, the Slovenian national team secures the top spot.


Dončić's documentary series: Showcasing Slovenia and the national Team

Throughout the World Championships, Dončić unveiled a documentary series titled "Everything it Takes", shared across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. This series offers glimpses of the national basketball team, Slovenia as a nation, Luka's role as captain, and the journey to the World Championships through short episodes. Within this series, the visuals of Slovenia, the core values of Slovenian basketball players, and the global excitement around the Slovenian national team are artfully intertwined.

Watch "Everything it Takes"

Slovenia anticipates key matches against Germany and Australia

In the pursuit of progression from the group stage to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, Slovenia is set to face two strong teams: Germany and Australia. The showdown against Germany, in particular, will capture substantial attention across Europe, given basketball's status as one of the most beloved team sports in the country.


Luka Dončić and the Slovenian national team will surely to capture significant attention in Germany, particularly due to Dončić's friendship with Germany's foremost basketball star, Dirk Nowitzki.


In September, Slovenia is set to host yet another event that holds a special connection to Luka Dončić. On the 16th of September, a genuine basketball spectacle will unfold on the floating court in the middle of Lake Bled. This event will also serve as the official unveiling for the newest Air Jordan sneaker LUKA 2 LAKE BLED.

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