What else, besides Luka Dončić, connects Slovenia, the USA, and Spain?

Published: 10.8.2023

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What else, besides Luka Dončić, connects Slovenia, the USA, and Spain?

At first glance, Slovenia, the USA, and Spain are completely different countries – most notably in terms of size and population, but there are many similarities between them.

What else, besides Luka Dončić, connects Slovenia, the USA, and Spain?

All three countries are also connected by the global basketball star Luka Dončić, who began his basketball journey with Ljubljana's Olimpija. At just 13 years old, he embarked on his path as a professional basketball player with the Spanish club Real Madrid. By the age of 19, he had already become a member of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.

Whether it's club matches or international appearances, Luka is known for his determination, fighting spirit, high motivation, and team camaraderie. Despite his worldwide fame, he holds a special place in the hearts of fans in his home countries of Slovenia, Spain, and the USA. On the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Basketball Federation, which is organizing a friendly tournament featuring Slovenia, Spain, and the USA, special attention and recognition are being given to the Slovenian basketball prodigy.

Slovenia stands out as a unique country compared to the European and global giants

Luka isn't the first to bring the name of Slovenian basketball to the world. Thirteen Slovenian basketball players have already left their mark in the NBA. Currently, Luka Dončić and Vlatko Čančar are active players. The European basketball powerhouse, Spain, boasts 21 players in the NBA. The number of players from the USA is significantly higher than Slovenia and Spain combined: 4,313 U.S. citizens have played or are playing in the most popular basketball league.

Source: basketball.realgm.com

Slovenia is a country where you can enjoy the Panonian plains, the vineyard-covered hills of Styria, the rich forests of Notranjska, the high Alps ; and journey from the emerald Soča River to the Mediterranean coast – all within just over 20,000 square kilometers.

Spain and the USA are incomparably larger in terms of area: the former covers half a million square kilometers, while the latter covers almost 10 million. However, in Slovenia, you are more likely to encounter people: on average, 102 individuals inhabit a square kilometer in Slovenia, 8 less in Spain, and only 33 in the USA.

Being the third-largest country in the world, the USA boasts 63 national parks, Spain has 16, and Slovenia has a single unique national park – Triglav National Park, named after the highest Slovenian peak, Triglav. It's slightly shorter than Spain's highest peak, Teide (3,718 m), while the highest peak in the USA, McKinley, reaches almost twice the height of Teide (6,190.5 m).

Slovenia's uniqueness lies in its islands

Descending from the highlands to sea level, the USA boasts more than 18,000 islands, ranking it 5th globally. Spain, as a coastal nation, has significantly fewer – 179. And what about Slovenia? The uniqueness of our country is confirmed by the fact that Slovenia has 5 islands, all of which are located in rivers and freshwater lakes. In Spain and the USA, one of the most famous islands in the world is surely known – the island on Lake Bled.

Traveling in Slovenia is the fastest

The longest road in the USA spans over 5,000 kilometers from the east to the west coast. The USA has almost 20 kilometers of roads per 1,000 inhabitants, while Spain has just over 14. Slovenia is close to the USA with 18.5 kilometers of roads per 1,000 inhabitants. For tourists from the United States, Slovenia's accessibility in a short time is one of its greatest attractions. From the capital city, you can reach the coast, the heart of the mountains, or the thermal spas of Panonian Slovenia in just over an hour.

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