The visit to the mountains is restricted to certain parts of Slovenia due to the consequences of floods

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The visit to the mountains is restricted to certain parts of Slovenia due to the consequences of floods

Numerous places across Slovenia have been affected by storms and extensive floods in the recent period. Even though the situation is calming down in these areas, special conditions still apply. Storms, floods, and consequent landslides have left behind devastation. The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia, responsible for the network of mountain trails in Slovenia, is collecting data about the state of the trails and closing damaged sections. In this regard, we urge hikers not to venture into the most critical areas. Choose destinations for mountain trips in other parts of Slovenia and don't forget to follow the advice for safe mountain visits.

The visit to the mountains is restricted to certain parts of Slovenia due to the consequences of floods

Over the past weekend, Slovenia was hit by catastrophic floods, preceded by storms with strong winds that wreaked havoc on many areas. Natural disasters also affected the mountainous regions, where the starting points of popular hiking trails are located. Trail markers, guides, and other members of mountaineering associations responsible for maintaining hiking trails in affected areas are involved in repairing the damaged infrastructure. Due to landslides, fallen trees, debris deposits, and other materials, hiking associations have closed the mountain trails. The closed trails are being listed on the website "Stanje planinskih poti" (Trail Conditions), the maPZS app, and in a comprehensive news update.

The damaged area is extensive, and efforts are being made to provide up-to-date information on the current state. The most critical conditions are in the Upper Savinja Valley, Carinthia, the Kamnik-Bistrica area, where most of the mountain trails are closed. A significant portion of the Škofja Loka and Polhov Gradec hills is also affected, so visiting these areas is not recommended.

Mountain huts are generally open and operating according to the published schedule on their websites. Fortunately, the mountain huts have not been damaged in the recent storms. However, certain mountain trails and access routes to the huts have been affected. For now, mountain huts in the Upper Savinja Valley, parts of Carinthia, and a few specific huts in more critical areas (Kamniška koča on Kamnik Saddle, Dom v Kamniški Bistrici) are closed until further notice or until normal conditions are reestablished.

The upcoming days will offer more sunny weather, calling for visits to the mountains and hills. If you plan to go hiking, choose areas of Slovenia where conditions are currently suitable for hiking.

How to proceed with hiking in the coming days:

  • First, exclude regions from your area of interest where favorable hiking conditions won't be present for some time (Upper Savinja Valley, Carinthia, parts of Škofja Loka and Polhov Gradec hills, Kamnik-Bistrica area).
  • Check the road conditions on the website.
  • Opt for easy and well-known trails that you can confidently navigate with your physical and mental preparedness. Keep in mind that mountain rescuers and police and military helicopters are under heavy demand in the current situation and are needed elsewhere.
  • Verify the openness of hiking trails and mountain huts.
  • Follow advice for safe mountain visits (appropriate gear, physical and mental readiness, caution, respect for nature, inform others, stay on marked paths).


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