Severe weather alert in Slovenia: heavy floods hit parts of the country

Published: 4.8.2023

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Severe weather alert in Slovenia: heavy floods hit parts of the country

BE AWARE, STAY SAFE: Heavy rain in western, northern, and certain areas of central Slovenia has resulted in extensive flooding. In response to the escalating situation and with the expectation of additional rain and floods, the Environment Agency (ARSO) has elevated the weather alert to its highest level. 

Severe weather alert in Slovenia: heavy floods hit parts of the country

Western, northern, and some central regions of Slovenia are grappling with severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Civil protection authorities in Slovenia urgently advise the public to follow instructions, closely monitor the situation, and never attempt to cross rushing water under any circumstances. Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing lives over property, they urge individuals to avoid travel if not absolutely essential, as the conditions are rapidly changing.

The Protection and Rescue Administrative Unit of the Republic of Slovenia has issued comprehensive guidelines for dealing with flood-related emergencies and installing emergency flood defenses.

For accurate storm monitoring, the Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia website offers a list of online tools among them also the Meteo Portal. It is also advisable to check the situation on the roads:



Here are some valuable tips for your personal safety during severe weather conditions:

  • To ensure personal safety during storms, monitor weather warnings and pay attention to recognizing the signs of an approaching storm, such as dark clouds, distant thunder, strong winds, and sudden temperature drops.
  • During a storm, it is essential to avoid using landline telephones and electrical devices, as lightning can travel through wires. Cell phones, if not connected to an electrical source, are safer to use indoors but should not be used outdoors during a storm.
  • For maximum protection, seek shelter inside a large building that is closed on all sides and equipped with a lightning rod. Avoid proximity to external walls and windows as lightning can travel through pipes and electrical wiring, discharging into the ground.
  • Other safety measures include refraining from washing or bathing during a thunderstorm, as water conducts electricity, avoiding open areas, water sources, tall buildings, and metal objects like fences and wires. Using an umbrella during a thunderstorm is not advisable, as it can attract lightning.
  • If caught outdoors during a thunderstorm, avoid seeking shelter under trees. However, if no other option is available, choose the lowest tree, crouch down with your head down and feet together, and remain at least five meters away from others.
  • In the event of hail, avoid attempting to secure vehicles or protect crops, as hail can cause harm. If caught in a hailstorm, protect yourself with a hat to minimize damage.
  • Be mindful of airborne objects carried by strong winds and ensure the safety of domestic animals by keeping them indoors during storms.
  • To avoid potential hazards, refrain from venturing into the mountains when the weather forecast indicates the possibility of thunderstorms.
  • If lightning ignites fire, promptly call 112, providing accurate information about the incident and location to receive assistance from the nearest fire department.
  • Due to the unfavorable weather conditions and emergency situations caused by floods and landslides, visiting the mountains is highly discouraged. The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia strongly advises against mountain activities under such circumstances.


According to the Environment Agency meteorologist, the heaviest downpours are now expected to shift to the south-east and then along the Croatian border towards the north-east. The rainfall will continue throughout the day, with particularly severe conditions expected in the southeastern part of Slovenia, especially in the Kočevje region, along the Kolpa River, and in the Bela Krajina region.
The rainfall will moreover move towards the northeast along the Croatian border but also continue more centrally in the Savinja region around Celje. The rain is expected to weaken during the day tomorrow and cease by Sunday morning.
 (Source: STA)

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