Countdown to EYOF: STB spotlights Slovenian tourism and the 'I Feel Slovenia' brand

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Countdown to EYOF: STB spotlights Slovenian tourism and the 'I Feel Slovenia' brand

EYOF 2023 will take place in Maribor from 23 July to 29 July. 122 events spanning 11 disciplines will unfold across 13 venues in and around the city. The finest young European athletes from 48 countries will vie for an impressive total of 688 medals. As a proud partner of the event, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) will shine a spotlight on Slovenia's outstanding tourism offerings and the 'I Feel Slovenia' brand. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the captivating allure of Slovenia and particularly Maribor, attracting the attention of visitors and sports enthusiasts alike.

Countdown to EYOF: STB spotlights Slovenian tourism and the 'I Feel Slovenia' brand

Sports tourism is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of the global travel industry. International sporting events hosted by Slovenia and the outstanding success of Slovenian athletes contribute significantly to the visibility of Slovenia as a tourist destination.

For many years, the STB has been involved in major international sporting events and has worked with Slovenian athletes to position Slovenia as an exceptional destination for active experiences and as a destination for the most demanding sporting events and preparations of top athletes. It has also joined EYOF in a partnership role.

The Director of the STB, MSc. Maja Pak, emphasized the significance of the event: "The European Youth Olympic Festival in Maribor stands out as a pinnacle among the most important international sporting events that Slovenia had the privilege to host this year. As a tourist board, we were actively involved in approximately 60 prestigious international sporting events last year alone, with even more exciting plans ahead for this year. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of young athletes, their dedicated team members, esteemed sports officials, and of course, the fans. These coming days will provide them with a truly immersive experience, an opportunity to delve into the essence of Maribor and Slovenia and fell the heart of Slovenian sport spirit. We wish all competitors great success and top achievements."


STB showcases tourism offer and I feel Slovenia brand

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has unveiled an array of captivating promotional and communication activities in conjunction with the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). At the core of these efforts lies the "I feel Slovenia" brand, proudly embedded within the event's official logo, creating a vibrant presence across all competition venues and festival-related locations. This includes backdrops for media statements, VIP corners, and the bustling media centre.

An impressive video, capturing the allure of Slovenia, will be shown on webcasts and screens within the competition venues, enticing viewers with the natural beauty that awaits them in Slovenia. Essential information will be readily available to visitors at designated information points.

The STB has also launched a dedicated landing page within the portal, serving as a gateway to vital festival information and intriguing insights about Slovenia. Among these are sustainable tips, as well as suggestions for exploring the charming surroundings of Maribor and the wider region. Amidst EYOF, STB leaves no stone unturned, actively engaging on social media platforms to showcase the festival's vibrant atmosphere and the irresistible allure of Maribor. Extending hospitality to Slovenian journalists, STB has thoughtfully organized press trips, allowing them to experience the enchanting beauty of Slovenia and the captivating venues of EYOF.

It is worth noting that many of the most prominent representatives of international sports organisations will also be in Maribor during EYOF. The STB will present Slovenia to the professional and business public as a destination with exceptional natural and climatic conditions, quality infrastructure and top expertise for the most demanding sport events, preparations and rehabilitation of athletes.

The organizers anticipate around 30,000 overnight stays, making EYOF the pinnacle of Maribor's summer season.

More than 3500 participants expected at EYOF

For over three decades, the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) has held the status as the most significant multi-sport event for athletes aged 14-18. Under the auspices of the European Olympic Committees, this remarkable festival marks a pivotal moment for young sports enthusiasts, providing an invaluable introduction to Olympism while serving as a stepping stone for their journey towards the Olympic Games.

Anticipation soars as more than 3,500 young athletes and their dedicated team members eagerly prepare to converge in Maribor for EYOF. Accompanied by enthusiastic fans, this youthful event is destined to resonate across social media, while webcasts of the action are projected to captivate an impressive audience of one million viewers. The event is also set to attract around 200 media representatives, who will report on the triumphs.

This year, EYOF will showcase 11 exhilarating sports, three of which debut for the first time in the festival's history: mountain biking, 3-on-3 basketball, and skateboarding. Slovenia proudly boasts its representation in all disciplines, making it the largest ever number of members.

Embracing a profound commitment to sustainability, EYOF organizers embark on a mission to minimize the festival's environmental impact. With 25 dedicated sustainability objectives adhering to established guidelines, the event aims to actively reduce any harmful effects on the environment, setting an inspiring precedent for sporting gatherings worldwide.

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