Slovenia has been at the forefront of media coverage of the Tour de France for two weeks

Published: 18.7.2023

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Slovenia has been at the forefront of media coverage of the Tour de France for two weeks

Sports commentators are unanimous in this year's Tour de France: never before has a race been so interesting from day one. For more than two weeks, the two-time winner of the world's most prestigious and most difficult bicycle race and the ambassador of Slovenian tourism Tadej Pogačar and last year's winner Jonas Vingegaard have been making headlines every day. During the competition, the Slovenian tourist board implements a content-based digital campaign, which records above-average results in the first two weeks.​

Slovenia has been at the forefront of media coverage of the Tour de France for two weeks

Photo: Alen Milavec

More about the STB campaign during the Tour de France available here.

At the start of the third week of the Tour de France, large crowds of Slovenian fans gather along the routes, many of whom are also equipped with I feel Slovenia flags provided by the STB. On social networks, the "big loop" has been at the top of the lists of the most frequently mentioned posts by users for two weeks already. To a very large extent, the even fight between Pogačar and Vingegaard and their high mutual respect contribute to this, which makes them even more interesting for the world sports public.

Photo: Matic Ritonja, Karata Film

Every day of the race, the STB prepares at least 2 posts for social networks that connect the race, the ambassador of Slovenian tourism and experiences in Slovenia. With his active involvement in the current events of the race, he is often among the TOP posts on Twitter for the official race keyword #TDF2023.

How did potica become the star of the Tour de France?

The official profiles of the Tour of France on social networks include Pogačar in their posts every day, because with his exceptional personality and always smiling, he ensures above-average reactions from users of social networks. On his first day off from the race, Pogačar posted a hilarious video on his Instagram profile of how he rode his bike to get bread at the bakery. In response to his breakfast choice, STB prepared a fun video about the mysterious Slovenian dish, potica, which is the right choice for cyclists when they need a lot of energy.


In the Strava club, Cycling fans of Slovenia have already cycled the route of Tour de France 10 times

Members of the Strava club Cycling fans of Slovenia are encouraging Pogačar to a new extraordinary career success by accumulating cycling kilometers around Slovenia. All members of the club are extremely passionate cyclists. Thus, in the first two weeks, they cycled more than 36 thousand kilometers, or 10 lengths of all 21 stages of the "Grand Boucle", which is 3,405.6 km.


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