The 29th Tour of Slovenia leaves spectators in awe with breathtaking green scenery and enthusiastic fans

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The 29th Tour of Slovenia leaves spectators in awe with breathtaking green scenery and enthusiastic fans

Despite the absence of defending champion Tadej Pogačar, the 29th Tour of Slovenia surpassed all expectations with a captivating battle that lasted until the final kilometre. Spanning an impressive 883.3 kilometers, the Slovenian Pentathlon emerged as one of Europe's most thrilling cycling races last weekend, attracting a massive turnout of passionate fans. The standout moment arrived when Slovenian cyclist Matej Mohorič triumphed in the last stage, joined by Slovenian tourism ambassador Primož Roglič in the jubilant celebrations.

The 29th Tour of Slovenia leaves spectators in awe with breathtaking green scenery and enthusiastic fans

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Tour of Slovenia has witnessed an extraordinary ascent in both its competitive nature and its impact on tourism. Over the past six years, the Slovenian Tourist Board has successfully showcased the race on the prestigious global TV network Eurosport 1 and 2, playing a pivotal role in elevating its international acclaim and visibility. The 29th edition of the Tour of Slovenia, orchestrated by 10 destinations, set the stage for captivating starts and finishes across its five stages, engaging remarkable 39 destinations in total. The flawless coordination demonstrated by these destinations, municipalities, and local communities shone through, offering a myriad of fan-oriented activities throughout the event.

The Tour of Slovenia stands as the pinnacle of sports-tourism offer

Slovenia, in partnership with the Tour of Slovenia, establishes itself as a top destination for sustainable outdoor activities and sporting events. The exceptional organisation showcased in the Slovenian Pentathlon, together with the destinations, has garnered global attention for the event, transforming it into an eagerly anticipated cycling holiday that marks the beginning of the cycling summer.

The extensive coverage of the Tour of Slovenia on Eurosport and TV Slovenia, featuring two hours of daily television broadcasts, has played a vital role in promoting Slovenia's commitment to green and sustainable values, as well as its reputation as a hub for top-tier athletes. Alongside the television advertising on Eurosport, which reaches over 10 million spectators and encompasses 120 minutes of Slovenia-focused content, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has launched an extensive digital campaign, reaching an impressive audience of nearly 22 million social media users. Through strategic advertising on platforms like Meta, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the STB has generated over one million impressions, showcasing Slovenia's diverse destinations, unique experiences, and captivating natural and cultural attractions. Furthermore, the Slovenia.Info landing page for Tour of Slovenia has recorded an impressive number of over 26 thousand unique web users.

STB's social media channels showcased numerous eye-catching posts, with nearly 100 featuring destination announcements and captivating aerial shots of cheerleader figures in various locations. Among the enthusiastic fans, it was the presence of the charismatic Primož Roglič, donning his signature pink attire, that garnered significant attention both on social media and at the event. Roglič's participation in the awards ceremony and presentation of trophies to the Tour of Slovenia's top cyclists on the final stage further intensified the excitement among the top three riders on the Slovenian circuit, who were visibly thrilled by his presence.

Slovenian fans leave a lasting impression on cyclists and the world

During the Eurosport TV coverage, commentators were captivated by the imaginative fan figures that adorned the landscape, showcased to millions of viewers worldwide through breathtaking aerial footage. The commentators couldn't help but express admiration for Slovenia's picturesque scenery, adorned with lush green forests and meadows, describing it as a quintessential destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Throughout the broadcast, Slovenian fans held a prominent place, creating an electric atmosphere despite the absence of prominent stars like Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič. Fans were particularly striking during the challenging climbs up Kolovrat in the Soča Valley and Trško Gora in Novo mesto. The Eurosport commentator likened the gathering of Slovenian fans to a cultural bonding experience among people. The winner of the final stage, Matej Mohorič, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the passionate fans.

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