Embark on a culinary journey with the latest Gastronomy stories from Slovenia

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Embark on a culinary journey with the latest Gastronomy stories from Slovenia

Discover the latest gastronomy stories from Slovenia, offering a delightful glimpse into culinary experiences crafted in perfect harmony with nature's reawakening.

Embark on a culinary journey with the latest Gastronomy stories from Slovenia

The Slovenian Tourist Board presents Gastronomy Stories from Slovenia, a captivating bi-monthly newsletter that showcases the most exciting tales from the world of Slovenian gastronomy. Let's browse through the latest edition together. 

Michelin-starred Milka illuminates the Slovenian culinary scene

The latest Slovenian Michelin-starred restaurant is nestled amidst awe-inspiring mountain vistas, next to the emerald green lake of Jasna in Kranjska Gora. Aesthetically refined and daring cuisine by chef David Žefran only adds the icing on the cake.

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Freedom with beer and food

Set out on a culinary stroll through the medieval streets of Kamnik and taste excellent beers brewed by local boutique breweries, accompanied by delicious local street food. You'll also hear stories about freedom, and see all four of the ingredients needed to make beer. The experience is a proud holder of the Slovenia Unique Experience label.

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Slovenia's buzzworthy initiative: World Bee Day

Indulge in a captivating honey experience, taste the delights of honey  dishes and beverages, all while immersing yourself in the fascinating world of our native bee species—the Carniolan honey bee. Delve into the stories of Slovenian beekeepers, who nurture around 200,000 colonies, fostering the production of Slovenian honey adorned with a cherished protected geographical indication.

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A tapestry of Slovenian flavours

From the serene seaside to the majestic alpine peaks, Slovenian cuisine takes pride in its commitment to using fresh ingredients, complemented by the flavours of wild plants and herbs gathered from nature's embrace. Have you had the pleasure of discovering the diverse array of ingredients, dishes, and drinks that define each region, creating a tapestry of tastes that form the essence of Slovenia's gastronomy?

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The world of traditional Slovenian crops

Slovenia takes great pride in its remarkable selection of autochthonous and domesticated crops, each uniquely developed to thrive in the local climate and terrain. These exceptional varieties are an integral part of our cultural heritage and contribute to the vibrant biotic diversity. You'll encounter the esteemed Ptuj red onion, the vibrant Ljubljana yellow carrots, the luscious cherry tomatoes, and the flavourful Igor potatoes.

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Discover Slovenia Green Cuisine providers

Slovenia pays special attention to sustainable gastronomy and awards providers who focus on seasonality, locality and a nature-friendly approach. Among them are the Breg tourist farm with accommodation in Goriška Brda, and the Danilo restaurant and wine shop in the surroundings of Škofja Loka.

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Join the excitement of spring outdoor events and festivals

As the birds serenade, the sun radiates its warmth, and nature awakens in a glorious symphony of colors, spring unveils a world of new beginnings. It's a season when life renews itself, filling the air with an invigorating energy. And amidst this enchanting backdrop, attending captivating outdoor events and festivals becomes an absolute must.

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