Join us as we witness the Tour of Slovenia unfold - live or on Eurosport!

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Join us as we witness the Tour of Slovenia unfold - live or on Eurosport!

The opening stage of the Tour of Slovenia, which started in Celje and concluded in Rogaška Slatina, warmed up the hearts of the cycling fans. The fever is bound to intensify until the finish in Novo mesto. Join us as we witness the Tour of Slovenia unfold.

Join us as we witness the Tour of Slovenia unfold - live or on Eurosport!

The Tour of Slovenia kicked off in the vibrant city of Celje, which also won the Host of the Year title in 2022. Celje has been a key participant in the race for as long as a decade. Year after year, accompanying programme of cycling and social activities has attracted outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide. The Celje Cycling Day stands out as a highlight, engaging participants of all ages in a delightful array of events. From the entertaining Snail Races for the youngest enthusiasts to a captivating skills polygon, there was no shortage of fun-filled activities. 

As the race unfolded, a wave of fan frenzy swept through the entire route from Celje to Rogaška Slatina. Notably, in Vojnik, Rogaška Slatina and Šoštanj, special cycling and cheerleading figures were strategically positioned, adding an extra layer of excitement for both the spectators present and those tuning in to Eurosport and TV Slovenia. The distinctive green I feel Slovenia flags waved proudly as schools organized spirited cheering squads, amplifying the infectious enthusiasm that filled the air.

The excitement continued to build on the second day of the Styrian leg of the Tour of Slovenia, as cyclists embarked on a thrilling journey from Žalec to Ormož. Both towns were buzzing with cycling action, attracting a vibrant crowd of enthusiastic fans. From the iconic Green Gold Beer Fountain in Žalec to the charming streets of Ormož, the cyclists were met with an outpouring of support from the passionate spectators lining the route.

The race is now moving to the Central Slovenia, promising another exhilarating day for both cyclists and fans. The route from Grosuplje to Postojna will take the cyclists through captivating landscapes, including the picturesque Ljubljana Marshes and a challenging ascent to Rakitna. The municipality of Ig has taken the initiative to organize two fan stops, one on Friday and another on Saturday, inviting all citizens to proudly display the Slovenian flag in front of their homes and cheer on the cyclists as they pass by. Meanwhile, in the vibrant town of Postojna, the Slovenian Cycling Day will be celebrated. Spanning several days under the "Postojna cheers!" theme, the town will come alive with a diverse range of sporting events, engaging activities, and creative workshops. Adding to the enthusiasm, the town of Ilirska Bistrica, which the cyclists will pass during Friday's stage, has gone the extra mile to prepare video tips on how to cheer on the Tour of Slovenia. This thoughtful gesture aims to involve the entire community in supporting the race, encouraging everyone to embrace the spirit of the event and rally behind the participating cyclists.

The race will reach its climax with the highly anticipated Royal Stage, commencing from Ljubljana and concluding in Kobarid. This thrilling stage will be distinguished by a challenging double ascent to Kolovrat, pushing cyclists to their limits. Kobarid, located in the picturesque Soča Valley, will serve as the focal point, captivating fans with two large screens strategically positioned in the town centre, ensuring they can follow every moment of the stage in real-time. To further enhance the festive atmosphere, I feel Slovenia flags will be available for fans to pick up at the Kobarid Tourist Information Centre. The day will be brimming with excitement as Kobarid hosts a lively fair, captivating performances by cultural and artistic groups, and an exhilarating concert. Moreover, as part of the Summer Museum Night, free admission to the Tolmin and Kobarid museums will be offered, enriching the overall experience. The winner of the Royal Stage will be awarded a prestigious emerald trophy, adding a touch of grandeur to their achievement.

On the final day of the Tour of Slovenia, the race will commence in Vrhnika and traditionally finish in Novo mesto. This year, the fan campaign of Novo mesto carries the "Na kolo pa gasa" (Pedal to the Metal) slogan, inviting citizens to come out in full force and cheer for the cyclists. Two central cheering zones have been designated, one on the Main Square and the other at the foot of Trška Gora. Fans can collect free I feel Slovenia flags from 1 pm on Sunday at the Novo mesto Tourist Information Centre and in front of the Agricultural School.

With each passing stage, the Tour of Slovenia showcases the unbreakable bond between athletes and their passionate supporters. The race not only captivates the cyclists but also unites communities, fostering a sense of national pride that reverberates throughout the country. Join us in the wonderful cheering atmosphere!

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has played an integral role in the Tour of Slovenia for the past six years, ensuring extensive coverage on Eurosport and engaging in promotional activities. With over 10 million cycling enthusiasts estimated to tune in during the 11 hours of live coverage, the race serves as a powerful platform to showcase Slovenia as a destination for active experiences. The STB's promotional activities emphasize the 10 destinations hosting the stage starts and finishes, highlighting the country's diverse and captivating landscapes. The Tour of Slovenia traverses nearly the entire country, spanning from Kobarid to Ormož, encompassing 39 captivating destinations. The race is also broadcast by RTV Slovenia, further fueling the enthusiasm for active leisure and an active lifestyle among the Slovenians. Slovenia continues to captivate cycling enthusiasts with its exceptional performance in international cycling competitions and the accomplishments of two remarkable cycling ambassadors, Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, who have brought the nation into the global spotlight.

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