Ana Roš and her team handmake 8000 Kobarid dumplings in Tasmania

Published: 9.6.2023

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Ana Roš and her team handmake 8000 Kobarid dumplings in Tasmania

Chef Ana Roš and her team are currently in Tasmania, where she is guest of honour at the Tasmanian Winter Festival, a culinary and arts festival organised by MoNa, the largest private museum in the southern hemisphere.

Ana Roš and her team handmake 8000 Kobarid dumplings in Tasmania

Ana Roš and her team will be cooking for 8 days at the Tasmanian Winter Festival. Guests will be able to taste culinary delights, a fusion of Slovenian and Tasmanian cuisine. As it is forbidden to bring foodstuffs into Australia, some of the spices and vegetables were planted six months ago under Ana's instructions. 

The two plates that Ana Roš and her team will create at the festival will include Kobarid dumplings. A team of six had a huge undertaking ahead of them, with 8000 of these dumplings to prepare, using only Tasmanian ingredients. The second plate will feature winter leaves roasted over an open fire, fermented cream of rye and blue cheese, Jerusalem artichoke, Tasmanian apple, a wedge of half-dried plum and tamari bread, spiced walnuts and wild horseradish. 

Ana Roš's approach and use of local ingredients expresses her commitment to preserving her culinary heritage, adding new dimensions to it with her homegrown cuisine, while embracing the characteristics of Tasmania's gastronomy: "To be a guest of honour at the Tasmanian Winter Feast Festival is something remarkable and a great experience. I am delighted that my team and I will be able to present the rich and authentic flavours of traditional Slovenian cuisine and incorporate local Tasmanian ingredients to create an unforgettable culinary experience."

The festival offers a unique fusion of culinary and artistic expressions, capturing the imagination and taste buds of an estimated 300,000 visitors from around the world. With the participation of Ana Roš, the festival promises an exceptional gastronomic adventure celebrating cultural diversity and culinary excellence.

Ana will not be cooking alone, she will be joined by Rodney Dunn, the founder of The Agrarian Kitchen, and his team. The Agrarian Kitchen is one of Australia's most exciting restaurant projects, known for its self-sufficient vegetable production and minimal food waste. Ana has incorporated their rye miso and tamari breads into her own creations.

Photos: personal archive by Ana Roš

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