New: MOROSTIG, The House of Nature and Pile Dwellers

Published: 6.6.2023

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New: MOROSTIG, The House of Nature and Pile Dwellers

In spring, Morostig - the House of Nature and Pile Dwellers opened for visitors in the village of Ig, in Ljubljana Marshes. It features an interpretation centre with an exhibition on the biodiversity of the Ljubljana Marshes and the life of the pile dwellers, a thematic trail and an open-air museum.

New: MOROSTIG, The House of Nature and Pile Dwellers

Outstanding UNESCO heritage

The pile-dwellings in Ljubljana Marshes, together with the other pile-dwelling sites around the Alps, have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for more than a decade. Pile-dwellers lived in the area of the Ljubljana Marshes from the 5th to the 2nd millennium BC. They lived in dwellings built on wooden stakes and dealt with agriculture, cattle breeding and hunting. Remains of the oldest dwellings were discovered near the village of Ig, and the most famous of the finds is a baked clay idol from around 2000 BC, which can now be seen at the National Museum of Slovenia. An enlarged replica is on display in front of Morostig.

What was the life of the pile dwellers like?

In Morostig (morost is the old name for the moor, still used by the locals today), you will get an insight into an extensive exhibition on the natural diversity of the Ljubljana Marshes and the times of pile dwellers. From there, you can take a walk along a thematic trail to the open-air museum at the confluence of the Iščica and Želimeljščica rivers, where three authentic pile dwellings have been set up to showcase the life of pile dwellers.

Guided tours of the museum

The open-air museum can only be visited with a guide, who makes sure that prehistory makes its way into modern times with many stories about the life of the pile-dwellers. Guided tours are available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 10.30, 12, 13.30, 15 and 16.30. Morostig is open from 10 am to 6 pm. From 24 June onwards, it will also be possible to visit the site on other days.

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Photos by Katja Nared.

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