Primož Roglič on winning the Giro: Thank you, Slovenia!

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Primož Roglič on winning the Giro: Thank you, Slovenia!

A decade ago, he put his skis in the corner and started exploring Slovenia by bike. Primož Roglič, the ambassador of Slovenian tourism, proved that he is in the best shape of his life at the penultimate stage of Giro D'Italia, where he was accompanied by a huge crowd of Slovenian fans. They most certainly added their bit to this success, and Primož first thanked them. Slovenia as a cycling country has been brought to the spotlight by world-renowned media.

Primož Roglič on winning the Giro: Thank you, Slovenia!

In the spotlight: Slovenia as a cycling and fan superpower 

After shoulder surgery in winter, Roglič has been in great form this spring. The organisers of Giro D'Italia were keen to have Roglič take part in the race instead of Tour de France. In the first of the three three-week races, the eyes of the global public and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world were on him: would he be able to make a comeback in style?

Discover the cycling journey of Primož Roglič

Roglič's career is full of unique stories and so it was at the penultimate stage of Giro D'Italia. He was the only rider to reach the top of Monte Santo di Lussari in the morning, and perhaps it was here that he felt the extraordinary pulse of the fans. According to the organisers, more than 10,000 fans gathered, more than half of them from Slovenia. Late in the afternoon, when he set off on the race of his life, as he said after the finish, there were mostly Slovenian flags waving from the foot of the ski slope to the finish line, and the crowd of Slovenian fans gave him extra energy with their loud and boisterous cheering. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) also contributed by equipping the fans with I feel Slovenia flags and supporting the "Let's go Primož" charity campaign organised by the Slovenian Olympic Committee.

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On the last day of the Giro, Slovenia was awash in pink: many cyclists across Slovenia wore pink jerseys, and the Slovenian Tourist Board changed its traditional green image on social media platforms to pink as a sign of pride and appreciation for Slovenia's outstanding promotion as a cycling destination. Other Slovenian destinations and tourism companies followed: Maribor, Bled, Slovenian Railways and Thermana Laško.

The virtual fan atmosphere on social networks also reached its peak: 102 million users searched for information about Roglič and Slovenia, more than 31 thousand users mentioned Roglič and Slovenia in their posts, and more than half a million users joined in the discussion about Roglič's success and Slovenia. The STB has already launched an advertising campaign on Eurosport during Giro D'Italia, which will culminate during the Tour of Slovenia. Before playing Zdravljica in honour of Roglič's victory, the Eurosport commentators said that the Slovenian anthem had become a regular feature, and that this time it was Roglič who took it to the world. Slovenia as a top cycling country, boasting the greatest cycling stars such as Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, has been covered by many world media such as The Guardian, Spiegel, BBC, Sky News and others.

Instagram posts about Primož Roglič

Roglič's Jumbo Visma teammates couldn't get enough of the frenzy created by Slovenian fans. Sepp Kuss, Primož's most dedicated assistant, wrote at the end that Slovenian fans are like "Potica Power" (the power that potica gives you).

On the official twitter profile of Roglič's Jumbo Visma team, they wrote that the Slovenian fans are unconditional supporters. With all the Slovenian flags at Monte Santo di Lussari, they wondered if they weren't already in Slovenia.

Luka Dončić also crossed his fingers for Roglič, Slovenia was awash in pink

All of Slovenia was there on Saturday - if not physically, then with their minds and hearts - for the penultimate stage of Giro D'Italia. Basketball star and Slovenian tourism ambassador Luka Dončić also cheered for Roglič and congratulated him. Primož Roglič's incredible story of hope and dedication has stunned many media outlets around the world. Cycling News, the most popular specialised cycling media, wrote that Slovenian fans were the inspiration for Roglič's incredible and challenging performance, which was spiced up by a dramatic technical problem.

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This is the story of the recent professional cycling: incredibly written, even the most talented Hollywood writers could not come up with this one... Eurosport commentators upon Roglič winning the Giro

Sky Sport, the global media company, pointed out that Roglič is the first Slovenian to win the prestigious Giro D'Italia.

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