Bled Water Festival

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Bled Water Festival

Bled Water Festival (BWF) will take place on 8 and 9 June. For the first time, the European Water Awards will be presented and the event will also be open to the general public, who will be able to listen to global trends in drinking water.

Bled Water Festival

BWF is an international event, which offers a unique opportunity to learn about new global water trends. The first day will focus on current topics related to water safety and quality, with a panel of international experts, followed by presentations from international investors and innovators, and a panel on how smart cities in development will impact the environment/water. At the end first day, a report and an action plan will be produced and the international European Water Awards will be presented for the first time.

The second day will open with a lecture by Jae-Youn Ko, one of South Korea's foremost experts in the field of drinking water. The panels that will follow will discuss the differences in drinking water quality across continents, showcase innovative Polish companies and discuss new global trends in understanding drinking water, which are the result of the work of our international platform.

The Bled Water Forum is aimed at professionals from the fields of water resources management, beverage producers and distributors, industries that use drinking water in their processes and generate large quantities of wastewater, as well as all those involved in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. The event will be followed by the first Drinking Water Festival, which will be open for the general public and will take place on the prominent Bled promenade, right next to the lake.

The Drinking Water Festival will offer a variety of waters for tasting, among other things the world's first water champagne and golden water will be served, and you will be able to learn how to distinguish between waters according to their use and strength, how to make water cocktails and how to pair the right water with the right food.

Admission is free and free of charge (water tasting). It will also be possible to buy some of the bottled waters.


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