Very good occupancy for Easter and holidays in May

Published: 6.4.2023

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Very good occupancy for Easter and holidays in May

According to the destinations, Slovenia Outdoor and the Slovenian Natural Spa Resorts Association, accommodation capacities will be well occupied during the Easter and May holidays. Compared to last year, tourism providers are expecting more foreign guests, mainly from Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary.

Very good occupancy for Easter and holidays in May

Data from destinations and  associations on expected occupancy during the Easter and May holidays predict great occupancy of accommodations.Providers are expecting a large number of domestic guests, but compared to last year, there is an increase in bookings from foreign guests, especially from neighbouring countries and Germany.

Slovenia Outdoor

According to Slovenia Outdoor, the occupancy rate for the Easter holidays for members ranges from 30 to 80%. Larger hotels (e.g. Unitur in Zreče) report similar occupancy rates to last year. According to Sava Hotels, occupancy is slightly better than last year. For the May holidays, they are currently still recording lower occupancy (20-60%), but they expect the capacities to fill up in the last days before the holidays. In the campsites, they expect around 20% occupancy for Easter and 30% for 1 May.

The structure of guests varies from one provider to another. The majority of guests in Unitur's hotels are Slovenian (up to 90%), while in Sava Hotels and Resorts guests mainly come from abroad (Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and in Bled from the USA, Japan, Taiwan). The majority of foreign guests are Italians, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians and Austrians. According to the association, there is a major shift in the number of guests from the Czech Republic, which is becoming an increasingly important market for Slovenian tourism. There is a growing interest in hiking and electric mountain bikes and easy cycling tours already in spring.

Slovenian Natural Spas Association

Terme Čatež

For the upcoming Easter and May holidays, Čatež Spa is expecting good occupancy rates, but is still experiencing extremely short-term bookings and decision-making for both dates. For the Easter holidays, due to the early date, there is also a greater demand (especially of the so-called 'camping' guests) in  bookings, as they make decisions according to the weather forecasts during the holidays. The Easter holidays are dominated by foreign guests, while the May holidays have a higher proportion of domestic guests due to school holidays.

Terme Dobrna

The Dobrna Spa is optimistic about occupancy rate during the Easter and May holidays, in line with the planned occupancy rate. At the moment, demand is still increasing. Given the short-term nature of last-minute bookings, a further increase in occupancy is expected, especially for the May holidays.The majority of guests come from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy and Croatia. The most popular hotel is the renovated historic Hotel Švicarija, which opened its doors in March 2023 and offers a sauna spa for guests to pamper themselves. The spacious and modern Spa Suite Dobrna apartments, with their own sauna and wooden bath with thermal water, are also very popular with families.

Terme Krka

During the Easter and May holidays, good occupancy is expected at all our destinations - Otočec, Terme Šmarješke Toplice, Terme Dolenjske Toplice and at the seaside, Talaso Strunjan. Slovenians are in the lead, while the largest number of foreign guests comes from Italy. Increased bookings from other neighbouring countries are also being reported. In Otočec, at the Sport Hotel and the Grad Otočec Hotel, the majority of bookings are from abroad.

Thermana Laško

90% occupancy is expected for the Easter holidays. For the May holidays, bookings are still open, but it is difficult to predict the final occupancy rate, due to last minute bookings. For Easter, Italian guests will predominate. Easter holidays are also filling up at the last minute this year, rather than 2-3 weeks earlier as was the case before 2019.

Sava Hotels & Resorts

Occupancy during the Easter holidays is better compared to last year. In addition to Slovenian guests, the majority of foreign guests come from the surrounding countries of Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Italy and Slovakia. Occupancy for the May holidays is comparable to last year. In addition to Slovenian guests, foreign guests from the surrounding countries Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Serbia dominate.

Terme Olimia

Terme Olimia expects full occupancy of all hotels and apartments during Easter and May holidays. There are still a few rooms available for the May holidays, but Easter is already fully booked. Traditionally, they expect the highest number of visitors for the Easter holidays to come from Italy, which accounts for one third of all their guests. This is followed by domestic guests, who account for just under a third of all guests, and then nearby markets, Croatians, Austrians and a small number of other foreign guests. The May holidays are also already above average occupancy rates. As this is the Slovenian school holiday period, the highest number of domestic guests is expected at 48%, followed by guests from the Czech Republic, neighbouring Croatia, Serbia, Italy and Austria.

Terme Portorož

The current level of bookings is comparable to last year. Last year, tourist vouchers were still valid, so they recorded a higher number of domestic guests. This year, these bookings will be largely replaced by foreign guests. At the moment, even for the May holidays, the number of bookings shows good occupancy rates. So far, the outlook for the rest of the month is also good. There will be more foreign guests than domestic guests during the Easter holidays. Italians are in first place, followed by Austrians and, surprisingly, this year by Slovaks. For the May holidays, the highest number of the guests from Slovenian is expected, followed by Austrian.

Terme Zreče

The number of overnight stays during the Easter holidays in Terme Zreče is at the same level as last year. Given the current demand, a few more last-minute bookings in the next few days are expected. Enquiries and bookings for the May holidays are slowly coming in, but it is too early to make any predictions. Terme Zreče will host the highest number of Slovenian guests during the Easter holidays, 89%, while the highest number of foreign guests will be from Italy, Germany, Austria and Hungary. The number of foreign guests in is steadily increasing, but is not yet reaching pre-Corona numbers. Foreign markets within 500 km remain the most important.



Good occupancy rates are also expected in Ljubljana. In the light of the activities carried out by Ljubljana Tourism to increase the deseasonalisation of tourist arrivals and to extend the average length of stay, the number of guests is expected to raise during the Easter weekend and the five-day May holidays (80%) and in a longer average length of stay. During the visit, in addition to the many cultural events (note: culture is the second most important purpose of a visit to Ljubljana), visitors will also have the opportunity to attend creative craft workshops where they can try their hand at handicraft skills and take away, among other things, a repaired umbrella instead of a new one as a souvenir from Ljubljana. Thus, Ljubljana Tourism also actively emphasises and supports the importance of regenerative and sustainable tourism through its products at all levels. This does not go unnoticed by visitors, they say. In the TravelSat 2022 survey, which monitors the online reputation of destinations, Ljubljana has an average score of 88, compared to the European average of 34.

Ljubljana has traditionally had the majority of international visitors, around 90 percent. During the Easter and May holidays, a similar mix of foreign and domestic guests is expected. Among the foreign markets, the majority of guests are expected to come from nearby countries and will mostly arrive in Ljubljana by car, bus and train (based on the Ljubljana Foreign Visitor Survey, 2022, EF, ZT), thus creating a lower carbon footprint than if they were to arrive in Ljubljana by plane. In Ljubljana, they will be greeted by 542 m2 of green space per capita and 1,640 bicycle docking stations, which will allow them to ride to local food offers at the Ljubljana market or visit one of the many modern urban bistros, traditional taverns and top-quality restaurants that are supplied by a chain of locally produced food.


According to the Maribor Tourist Board, based on informal data obtained from some accommodation providers, the city centre and the area below and on Pohorje is expecting an occupancy rate of around 35% during the Easter holidays, and around 50% during the May holidays; both occupancy rates are comparable to last year's figures. The expected ratio of domestic to foreign visitors in the first period is around 50:50, while a higher proportion of foreign visitors (30:70) is expected in the May period, mainly from Hungary, Croatia, Austria and Germany.

Portorož and Piran

The Portorož Tourist Board points out that the number of bookings for the Easter holidays in Portorož and Piran is comparable to last year. However, hoteliers are still expecting some last minute bookings. Unlike last year, when tourist vouchers were still valid and most guests were domestic, this year they expect more foreign guests. Guests from Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary will dominate. Occupancy figures during the May holidays and at the start of the summer tourist season are also good. According to early indications, the tourism sector is set for a relatively stable performance this year.


Hoteliers in Izola are reporting very good occupancy rates of over 80% for the Easter holidays, with last-minute bookings also expected. In addition to domestic guests, they are also seeing guests from Austria, Hungary and Italy. In addition to events, visitors are also motivated by nature and outdoor activities. Interest in spending the May holidays is high, in some places already over 85%, especially on the last weekend in April. The structure of guests is also comparable to last year, when domestic guests represented just under 60%. Last year saw the start of an intensive return of visitors from foreign markets, with the biggest increase (compared to 2021) in the Austrian and German markets (+ 50%).


Ankaren expects an occupancy rate of 85% during the holidays. Of this, around 50% are expected to be domestic guests, with the other half mainly made up of German-speaking guests.

Kranjska Gora

In Kranjska Gora, capacities are filling up, with the destination recording between 85 and 90% occupancy during the Easter holidays. The occupancy is lower for the holidays in May, as visitors are more inclined to seaside holidays when the weather is nice. Occupancy rates during the May holidays are between 60 and 70%. During the Easter holidays, guests from Hungary, Italy, Austria and local guests are expected. The May holidays are mostly booked by the guests from Slovenia, but there are also guests from Hungary, France, Switzerland and Germany. There are no major changes in both the Easter and May holidays compared to previous years.


According to the Kranj Tourism Board, Kranj has an excellent hotel occupancy rate. Hotel Creina is fully occupied during the holidays (mainly Hungarians and Serbians), and Hotel Azul has some space left for the holidays in May. According to them, there are very few domestic guests, most foreign guests come from Hungary, Germany, Poland and Asia. This year's occupancy can match the pre-corona period. Smaller accommodation providers in Kranj are not expecting high occupancy, among the guests, Germans and the Czech will dominate.


According to Kamnik Tourist Board, B&B Pod skalo in Kamnik reported occupancy figures and expects 80-90% occupancy during both holidays. Guests come from abroad, mostly from the neighbouring countries and the Czech Republic. They are also seeing a return of Italians. The Mekinje Monastery is fully booked during the Easter holidays, and reservations are still being accepted for the holidays in May. Terme Snovik expects the occupancy rate to be 60%, with some 150 beds occupied. The largest number of guests will be Czech and Italian; compared to the years before COVID-19, the biggest shift is in the Czech guests.

Rogaška Slatina

According to the Rogaška Slatina Tourism Board, Rogaška Slatina expects good occupancy rates during the Easter and May holidays. The nature of the bookings themselves has changed, they are more last minute and short term. According to the feedback from accommodation providers, they expect more foreign guests, mostly from Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.

Savinja - Šalek region

According to the Savinja-Salek Regional Development Agency, the occupancy rate of tourist accommodation during the Easter and May holidays is expected to be similar to last year. The majority will be Slovenian guests, but the number is expected to be slightly lower than last year (tourist vouchers). Foreign guests are expected to arrive in similar numbers (perhaps slightly higher) than last year. Recently, however, they have noticed a slight increase in the number of Slovak, Czech and Polish visitors.


According to the Lendava Tourism Board, the largest capacity provider in Lendava - Terme Lendava - expects 55% occupancy of its capacities for the Easter holidays, while for the May holidays 85% occupancy of its capacities is expected. Most guests are local, followed by tourists from Austria, Germany and Hungary. No major changes are observed in the structure of guests.

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