The analysis of the Survey on Foreign Tourists to Slovenia

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The analysis of the Survey on Foreign Tourists to Slovenia

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) conducted a survey among hotel guests in Slovenia during 4 time periods: July and August 2021 (summer), September and October 2021 (autumn), December 2021 and January 2022 (winter), and April and May 2022 (spring). During the summer period, the survey was also carried out among camping guests.

The analysis of the Survey on Foreign Tourists to Slovenia

The survey shows the general profile of foreign tourists who visited Slovenia between summer 2021 and spring 2022, the characteristics of the most important markets for Slovenia and key characteristics of the foreign tourists by the type of municipality (spa, mountain, seaside, Ljubljana, city and other municipalities).

The top three motives for visiting Slovenia, regardless of country of origin, are natural beauty (87% rated natural beauty as a very important or important motive), personal safety during their stay (77%) and the possibility for active and sports activities (75%). These are the key motives for the vast majority, regardless of the market they come from. Just under half (45%) of foreign tourists have visited Slovenia before this visit.

The estimated average daily expenditure of foreign tourists staying in hotels is €187. The average spending of a foreign tourist staying in a hotel was highest in autumn 2021 at €214 per day and lowest in winter at €172 per day. Most foreign tourists said that such an expenditure was expected.

Personal experience and recommendations from friends and relatives are the most important factors triggers to visit Slovenia. Tourists who visited Slovenia in spring and autumn ranked the presentation and promotion of Slovenia in the media as the second most important source of information. This includes social media, as well as travel websites and portals, where tourists most often find information about Slovenia.

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