New investments at Slovenian natural health resorts and spas in 2023

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New investments at Slovenian natural health resorts and spas in 2023

Slovenia's natural health resorts and spas are modernising and complementing their existing offer in order to provide the best possible experiences for their guests.

New investments at Slovenian natural health resorts and spas in 2023

In 2023, many of the Slovenia's natural health resorts and spas will carry out a series of investment projects. Several of these projects pay particular attention to sustainable development, including the use of geothermal energy. The renovated facilities will offer even more comfort to the guests, but above all, new exciting experiences, which will enhance the current offer.

The investments listed below have been put together by the Slovenian Spa Association.

Čatež Spa Resort

For the summer season, Terme Čatež Spa is preparing the modernisation of the transport infrastructure at the Terme Village campsite.  The Pirate Village will be revamped, and public lighting and car parks for guests will be upgraded. Children's playgrounds will be refreshed at the Terme Village campsite, and a circular cycling and walking path around Terme Čatež will be completed, further ensuring flood protection for the entire complex.

The Sauna Park in the Winter Thermal Riviera is also currently under construction; it will include a complete renovation of all saunas, the entire interior and the outdoor terrace. The project is designed in line with the latest trends and will offer a completely new experience to the guests.

In the second half of the year, an investment in the Health & Beauty Centre (within the Terme Hotel) is planned, which involves the extension and modernisation of the existing saunas and fitness centre, and the renovation of part of the changing rooms and toilets.

Terme Dobrna

Terme Dobrna is committed to preserving tradition and at the same time pursuing sustainable development in the field of boutique tourism.

This year, the 4* Hotel Švicarija, formerly known as the Park Hotel, has undergone a complete renovation. The €1.6 million investment includes a complete renovation with the aim of expanding the destination's boutique tourism offer to both domestic and foreign markets. The hotel, which was build in 1872 during the spa boom, was named after the Swiss Barn (in Slovenian Švicarija), unveiling its characteristic features. Despite several renovations, the building has retained its original external architectural features to this day.

Terme Krka

Terme Krka is continuing with the renovation of Talaso Strunjan. Let us recall: last year, the most significant investment was a major renovation of the Laguna tourist complex in Strunjan. Laguna now offers modern rooms, apartments, suites, a restaurant and a garden pool, as well as a luxury villa with its own garden and pool. By mid-April this year, the outdoor seawater pool at Hotel Svoboda will be renovated, as well as the smaller indoor pool. The restaurant at Hotel Svoboda is also scheduled to be renovated. The lower floor of Villa Park will also be renovated and some new rooms will be added.  

Thermana Laško

Preparations are underway for the investments and many smaller renovations that will follow in the coming years. The most important investment is the renovation of the medical premises, which will take place in two phases. In the first phase, the hydrotherapy and occupational therapy area and the supporting infrastructure will be renovated. The investment is estimated at €1 million. 

Sava Tourism

Radenci Health Resort

Saunas in the Radenci Spa baths

A number of new saunas will be built at the Radenci Spa to meet the demand and wishes of the guests.

Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice

Construction of a reinjection well

Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice also operates in a sustainable manner, as it is important to minimise the impact of its operations on nature. Nearly 1 million cubic litres of thermal water are extracted annually for bathing and heating. The underground pool, from which this water comes, has enough water and the water level is not dropping. But now, Sava Hotels and Resorts have decided to return some of the extracted water to the bowels of the earth to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the beneficial effects of the black thermo-mineral water without hesitation.

Sava Hotels & Resorts

Alternative energy sources at Sava Hotels & Resorts

In recent years, several energy-saving investments have been carried out (energy saving light bulbs, perlators on taps, waste compaction), which, of course, do not affect the comfort of the guests.In the long term, the focus will be on the introduction of new alternative energies such as solar energy for hot water and the additional use of geothermal energy, where the biggest steps have already been taken. 

Robots to help in the hospitality industry at Sava Hotels & Resorts

This year, digitised assistance in the hospitality industry will be strengthened with additional digital service trolleys in restaurants, cafés and bars, as well as for room service assistance.

Terme Olimia

Terme Olimia will invest in a new swimming pool complex at the Breza Hotel, which will include two swimming pools and a small sauna centre, primarily for guests of the Breza Hotel. Conceptual and detailed designs for this new facility are currently being prepared. Initial preparations and procedures are also underway for a major investment in a new modern family hotel.

Terme Zreče

This year, the focus will be put on the exclusive connection between the Terme Zreče thermal spa and the Rogla ski resort in the middle mountains, as well as on upgrading active and green experiences. The latter will be based on encouraging guests to spend free time in the fresh air, with an emphasis on hiking and cycling, and presenting popular hiking and cycling trails, as well as other unique experiences in the Rogla - Pohorje destination via a smartphone app.

The most important investment in 2023 will be the Mašinžaga Park - Phase 1 project in Rogla, for which a grant of EUR 8 million has been awarded under the Public Call for proposals for investing in quality and sustainable transformation of Slovenian tourism to strengthen its resilience, with a total value of EUR 11.351 million.

The new 6-seater at the Mašinžaga Park will offer skiers a significantly faster and more comfortable experience, while also allowing the transport of hikers, cyclists on bicycles and, above all, those going down the Flying Slide or the Mountain Tricycle Track. The Rogla Bike Park will feature two new family trails, designed for all family members who, after an initial training session in the cycling polygon at the top of Rogla, will venture into the park itself and try out the original elements adapted to families.

The new additional tourist offer, which will be available to guests and visitors from November 2023, in accordance with the tender conditions, will allow synergies with the existing sports, wellness, gastronomy and adventure offer of the Rogla Centre in the middle mountains, as well as with the Terme Zreče thermal spa and the destinations Rogla - Pohorje and Pohorje.

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