Get ready for LUV Fest – the festival of love, art and wanderlust

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Get ready for LUV Fest – the festival of love, art and wanderlust

This winter, Ljubljana will be marked by a festival filled with love. Not just romantic love, but also the love of culture, art, heritage, wandering... 

Get ready for LUV Fest – the festival of love, art and wanderlust

The charming old town and the picturesque banks of the Ljubljanica river, the medieval castle overlooking the Alpine peaks... Ljubljana seems like the setting of a romantic film to many visitors. LUV Fest, a new festival created by Ljubljana Tourism, draws inspiration from the romantic image of the Slovenian capital and will combine love, art and wandering.

As announced by Ljubljana Tourism, for almost a whole month (between 8 February and 12 March), locals and visitors will be able to enjoy the city's special decorations, discover Ljubljana's unique stories on guided tours, create unforgettable memories by taking photographs at selected locations, enjoy concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events, take part in creative workshops, indulge in culinary delights etc., with the whole event being imbued with love and romance. LUV Fest will be a festival of love, romance and romance, and romance.

Working on a further deseasonalisation of tourism

With the LUV Fest, Ljubljana Tourism is making strategic efforts to deseasonalise Ljubljana tourism as much as possible; just as, for example, the now well-established Novemmmber Gourmet, Ljubljana's culinary festival that brightens up the autumn, the new festival will also liven up the months when the city is quieter, also in terms of tourist arrivals. The aim of the festival is to position Ljubljana as a must-visit destination (even) in February and March, and to cheer up the atmosphere of the city for its inhabitants.

Source: Ljubljana Tourism

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