Slovenia moves up the Sustainable Competitiveness Ranking

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Slovenia moves up the Sustainable Competitiveness Ranking

Slovenia is ranked ninth out of 180 countries in the Global Sustainability Competitiveness Ranking, compiled by the Swiss-Korean think-tank Solability. In the area of economic sustainability, Slovenia is ranked first among all the countries.

Slovenia moves up the Sustainable Competitiveness Ranking

Slovenia has improved its ranking from last year's 18th place, moving up to the 9th place. It scored 56.3 points out of a possible 100. Slovenia's best performances were in the area of economic sustainability, where it was ranked first, and in the area of social capital, where it was ranked fourth. It ranked ninth in the area of management effectiveness and 20th in the area of intellectual capital and innovation.

Sweden is ranked first for the seventh year in a row. Again, the top countries in the ranking are from Northern Europe, with only two non-European countries in the top 20 (Japan, 10th and South Korea, 12th). The average score of all the countries studied is 44.1 points, and Sweden's score as the top-ranked country is 60.7 points.

The areas measured by the ranking are:

  • Natural capital: the given natural environment, including the availability of resources and the degree to which these resources are depleted;
  • Resource efficiency and intensity: the efficient use of available resources as a measure of operational competitiveness in a resource-constrained world;
  • Social capital: health, security, freedom, equality and satisfaction with life within a country;
  • Intellectual capital and innovation: the capacity to create wealth and jobs through innovation and value-added industries in globalised markets;
  • Economic sustainability: economic sustainability and competitiveness reflect the ability to create wealth through sustainable economic development;
  • Governance performance: the results of core areas of government and investment - infrastructure, market and employment structure, providing the framework for sustainable wealth creation.

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