The Feel Slovenia day trips during the European Food Summit

Published: 10.11.2022

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The Feel Slovenia day trips during the European Food Summit

As part of the European Food Summit, 29 journalists from 15 different countries participated in the Feel Slovenia day trips. What did they see, what did they do, who did they visit?

The Feel Slovenia day trips during the European Food Summit

Traditionally, Sundays at the European Food Summit are reserved for the Feel Slovenia day trips. This year, 29 journalists from 15 different countries, writing for the world's most influential media such as Falstaff, El Pais, Der Standard, Food and Travel, BBC Food Programme, discovered unique boutique gastronomy and entrepreneurial stories based on sustainable and circular principles, which showcase the sincere connection between local producers and top chefs.

They set out to discover the boutique gastronomy of four macrodestinations on four different tours. The so-called Red Tour took the participants to south-western part of Slovenia, to Karst region. First, they visited Špacapan's house (recommended by Michelin), where they were able to see the wine cellar and the vinegar production facility, in addition to tasting traditional Karst dishes. They continued on to the boutique Golden Ring Cheese Factory and finished the day with dinner at the Faladur Restaurant.

The so-called Blue Tour headed to the north-east of Slovenia, with the first stop being Celje, the city of counts. At the new Lalu bistro chef Marko Pavčnik served the journalists delicious dishes made from local ingredients that have been around since the Middle Ages. In this spirit, the culinary experience continued at the Old Castle of Celje, where, in addition to dessert, the journalists were treated to a count's reception prepared by the Celeia Institute. The route then took them further east, the next stop being the Kocbek Oil Mill, which boasts a rich tradition of pumpkin oil processing. At the same time, they listened to a presentation of the sustainable entrepreneurial stories of the Kokol Wine House and the Jeej Cooperative, as recommended by the event partner, SPIRIT Slovenia. The day ended with an extravagant dinner prepared by chef David Vračko (MAK, recommended by Michelin). 

In the Alpine macro-region, on the so-called Green Tour, the journalists visited the Savinja Valley and Jezersko. They started their journey with an unique culinary experience at Hiša Raduha, where the young herbalists (their story has been awarded the Slovenia Unique Experience label) and the Vipava Valley winemaker, Batič, gave a short presentation. They then continued their journey to Jezersko, where they were welcomed in the boutique hotel Vila Planinka, which also boasts an excellent restaurant. 

The fourth, Orange Tour group explored the wine-growing Posavje region, which also boasts numerous castles. In cooperation with KŠTM Sevnica, Sevnica Castle prepared a tasting of the blue frankfurters and the participants also got to know local producers of salami and cheese. Then, at the invitation of CPT Krško, they were treated to a presentation of the Pavlič fish farm at the Rajhenburg Castle, a tasting of chocolates from the Kunej family company and the tasting of sparkling wines from their Sparkling Wine Bar (Peninoteka). Both castles are included in the Slovenia Unique Experience, The Magnificent Seven. They finished with a presentation of organic salami production by David Lesar (BioSing) and a dinner by Jure Tomič (Debeluh, recommended by Michelin).

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