NEW! Vipava Valley Outdoor App

Published: 15.9.2022

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NEW! Vipava Valley Outdoor App

The Nova Gorica and Vipava Valley Tourist Board launched the Vipava Valley Outdoor App, which provides a user-friendly way of discovering numerous hiking and cycling routes in the area.

NEW! Vipava Valley Outdoor App

The Vipava Valley Outdoor App, which is managed by the Nova Gorica and Vipava Valley Tourism Board, was developed as part of the VIPava project, which focuses on improving environment and biodiversity in the Vipava Valley. In addition to the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia, the leading partner of the project, the Municipality of Ajdovščina, the Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica and the Municipality of Nova Gorica were also partners of the project. As part of this project, a thematic learning trail was established along the Vipava River, which was designed in a way that visitors will not disturb natural processes and will not have a negative impact on the selected species and their habitats.

The application provides the user with accurate online navigation of the routes and detailed information about each route, including attractions, accommodation, catering and other services along the route. In terms of content, the web application is connected to the official tourist web portal of the Vipava Valley. The app already includes 22 hiking and cycling trails, with new contents being constantly added. All routes are also included in the app, which has several million users in Europe.

With the new web application and the publication of routes in the popular international application, visitors to the destination got a useful tool and at the same time a reason to stay in Vipava Valley longer.

Source and more information: Nova Gorica and Vipava Valley Tourist Board

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