New escape museum in Rateče

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New escape museum in Rateče

Kajžnik House in Rateče has new attractive contents that visitors will love: an escape museum, which through a gamified experience explains the history of the area. The new experience is available in 4 languages: English, German, Italian and Slovenian.

New escape museum in Rateče

The Rateče Escape Museum is a joint project of the Gornjesavski Museum of Jesenice, which manages the Kajžnik House, Kranjska Gora Local Tourism Board and Escapebox. The escape game takes place in Kajžnik House and is a unique example of such a museum in Europe. Thanks to the special floor plan of the building, they developed a special mechanism that, on the one hand, allows several groups to play at the same time, and on the other hand, guides visitors along the usual direction of the museum tour.

The key difference between the "classic" escape rooms and the escape museum is that up to twenty people can play the game at the same time. The basic story of the experience is the search for the hidden diary of local chronicler Josip Lavtižar. By solving puzzles and deciphering codes, visitors learn about the rich history, tradition and heritage of Rateče, from the manuscripts to the longest flights in Planica. Upon entering the museum, players receive a book containing instructions for the game and the tasks they must solve. There is also a house plan, which allows players to know at any moment of the game what part of the game they are in and what the next step is. It is possible to play in four language versions - in addition to Slovenian, there are also English, German and Italian versions.

The game is suitable for couples as well as families and groups. Visitors can choose the course of the game or visit individual rooms. The game leads the visitors through the ethnological collection of the Kajžnik House and thus brings it closer to the visitors in a fun way. The Escape experience is an addition to the contents of the Kajžnik House, but a classic visit to the museum collection will still be possible.

Take a look at a major selection of escape rooms throughout Slovenia.

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