Promotional and marketing activities in markets with particularly high growth potential

Published: 30.3.2022

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Promotional and marketing activities in markets with particularly high growth potential

In marketing and promotional activities, the STB will continue to pay special attention to markets that show the greatest growth potential in the light of changing travel conditions. These are the nearby European markets and markets with air-connections.

Promotional and marketing activities in markets with particularly high growth potential

The STB will carry out a series of intensified activities in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A press trip for journalists from the Czech Republic and Hungary will take place in May. This year's SIW on Boutique Tour will be attended by important travel organizers and travel agents. Putdoor advertising will be carried out in Prague and Budapest in May and September, and workshops in Prague and Warsaw in April. A special event for the media and key travel agencies and tour operators will also take place in Budapest in April, and an agreement on closer co-operation with the Hungarian Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators is expected to be signed. In May, the STB will attend the most important business event in Hungary for about 1,000 key representatives of Hungarian tourism, where Slovenia will be a partner country of the event. A special visit and a fam trip for key Hungarian tour operators and travel agencies to Slovenia is being prepared. A workshop on Slovenian tourism will be held in Budapest this autumn.

The STB is also strengthening activities on the Croatian market, where a business event, including a workshop and a press conference, will be held in May in Zagreb. In the autumn, traditional Days of Slovenian Tourism in Zagreb will take place again.

The STB will also strengthen its activities in the Serbian market. Fam trips for important TO/TA will be carried out, the first of them in April. A press conference with a presentation of Slovenia and outdoor and wellness experiences will be held in Belgrade in May, and a business event (workshop) in autumn.

The STB has strengthened its activities in the GCC States, where Slovenia addresses key travel organizers and travel agents through a range of activities. There is a great interest in Slovenia in these countries and the regular airline of the flydubai carrier, which connects Ljubljana and Dubai, is also extremely important. Along with taking care for the communication with the media and business public, trainings are organized by travel organizers and travel agents, as well as webinars about Slovenia as a safe and attractive destination. The applications of major travel organizers and travel agents for this year's SIW are also in progress. PR activities in the market are also intensive and include press in cooperation with the airline Flydubai. Activities for preparing posts about Slovenia on social networks in Arabic and advertising campaigns on social networks with major travel organizers are also the progress. Promotional support will be provided to the FlyDubai scheduled airline between Dubai and Ljubljana. Additional business tourism events are being prepared in the autumn months, i.e. roadshow and the press trip of flydubai agents.

Activities in the UK market are also in full swing. Press trips for the most influential media such as the Gardian, the Daily Mail, the Independent, National Geographic Traveller and others will take place in May. The participation of important travel organizers and travel agents in this year's SIW tourism fair is also planned. In September, the STB will also attend the prestigious Connections in London and WTM London in November. 

A workshop in Paris will be held in France in mid-April, and a press trip for representatives of the French media in May in cooperation with Transavia, which is opening a new Ljubljana-Paris route. The French market is also expected to have a good participation of top travel organizers and travel agents at this year's SIW. The STB will attend the IFTM TOP Resa fair in Paris in September.

Major tour operators and travel agents from the Belgian market are expected to attend this year's SIW, as Slovenia is also hosting the 40th annual congress of Selectair, the Belgian Association for Tour Operators and Travel Agents. On this occasion, between 80 and 100 Belgian travel agencies and tour operators will be in Slovenia. In addition, business events in Belgium will take place in October and November.

The IMTM in Tel Aviv, which is being attended by the STB, is just coming to an end. Active invitations of important travel organizers and travel agents from Israel to this year's SIW are underway, and a business event will be held in the autumn.

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