7 most instagrammable places in Slovenia in 2021

Published: 3.2.2022

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7 most instagrammable places in Slovenia in 2021

We've compiled a list of 7 places in Slovenia which received the most attention on our Feel Slovenia Instagram in 2021. Check them out and feel inspired!

7 most instagrammable places in Slovenia in 2021

It’s the view that grabs you first when browsing the web for travel inspiration. One could have argued that in the era of digital communication, photos have become one of the strongest triggers in defining your next holiday destination. If once seemed unimaginable that one would travel somewhere just to get nice photos, this has today become the reality. We travel to collect memories and in the modern world these are best kept in the digital form – if possible, stored "safely" on our social media channels, which also gives you certain bragging rights...

Since we all know that in the times of travel restrictions, a daily dose of inspiration is a must, we hereby present the list of 7 most instagrammable places in Slovenia in 2021, which were selected according to the number of likes on our Feel Slovenia Instagram (the data was collected by Social Bakers).

1. Bled – an Alpine image of paradise

Often described as the "image of paradise", Bled enchants you with its emerald-green lake, fairytale-like island and imposing castle reigning on top of a rocky cliff. An icing on the cake are majestic peaks of the Julian Alps in the background.

2. Velika Planina – a wonderland, which feels a world away

Located in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Velika planina is probably one of the world's most beautiful alpine meadows where cowherders still graze their cattle. Dr Noah Charney, Feel Slovenia Podcast's host described it as “a wonderland, which feels a world away”.

3. Soča Valley – emerald-green colour steals the show

The emerald-green Soča river flowing by the Slovenia-Italian border has shaped a stunning natural valley with some of the most gorgeous waters in Europe. No filter needed for breathtakingly beautiful colour hues of the water.

4. Ljubljana – small, but big enough to be amazed

A description of Ljubljana on Tripadvisor best describes the charming capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. One of the world's greenest capitals, will impress with amazing architecture, stunning views and lush greneery and provide you with a number of photo-ops.

5. Piran – an gem on the Adriatic coast

The charming coastal town of Piran reflects centuries old history and draws magical scenes. Expect to be charmed by cobbled narrow streets and the grandous Tartini square.

6. The heart-shaped Špičnik – a symbol of love

The heart-shaped road amidst the vineyards of Svečinske gorice has already impressed many and is considered one of the most romantic photo-ops in the country.

7. Zelenci – mesmerizing shades of green and blue

Located just a short walk from Kranjska Gora, Zelenci Nature Reserve will amaze you with stunning shades of green and blue.


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