NEW! Feel Slovenia Podcast

Published: 27.1.2022

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NEW! Feel Slovenia Podcast

Listen to the new Feel Slovenia Podcast, the offical podcast of the Slovenian Tourist Board, this time in English. In each episode, your host, Dr Noah Charney, will explore what he has called “the world’s best country:” 

NEW! Feel Slovenia Podcast

In line with global trends in content marketing, where the podcast is considered an extremely successful communication tool that enables the connection and dissemination of information among potential partners and users, the Slovenian Tourist Board last year launched a series of podcasts named TUR!ZEM in Slovenian, which discusses current topics in Slovenian and global tourism with various stakeholders in the public and private tourism sectors.

This year, the Slovenian podcast is joined by a series of Feel Slovenia podcasts in English, intended primarily for foreign guests who would like to learn more about Slovenia. The podcast is hosted by Dr Noah Charney who has written numerous articles on Slovenia's tourist attractions in world-famous media. He also lives in Slovenia, which gives him an insight into the culture, customs, current topics and, last but not least, the tourist offer from the perspective of foreign observers.

In each episode, Dr Noah Charney, will explore what he has called “the world’s best country:” meeting locals, traveling, eating and getting to know the very best of Slovenia. Where should you go when visiting Slovenia? What should you be sure to do, see, eat and experience? Join us for the ultimate insider’s guide to the country.

Listen to the introductory podcast, where Noah describes how he came to live in Slovenia, after having “auditioned” numerous other countries, and why he thinks so highly of it, as a place to visit or move to full-time. In the process, he spoke to many fellow expats from a diverse array of countries to learn why they love life on the sunny side of the Alps.where he discusses with foreigners living in Slovenia why he appreciates it so much, both from the point of view of a tourist destination and from the point of view of another homeland.

Feel Slovenia the Podcast #1: The Expat’s View of “the World’s Best Country”

In the second podcast, Dr Noah Charney discusses Slovenian skiing success with downhill ace Ilka Štuhec. Though Slovenia has a small population, it has enjoyed a great deal of success in world sport at the highest level. Nestled in the Alps, it is no surprise that skiing, in a variety of disciplines, is among Slovenia’s best sports. llka Stuhec reveals the stories which are usually not told about when discussing competitive skiing, her hometown of Maribor and the best foods to eat prior to a World Cup championship. 

Feel Slovenia the Podcast #2: Slovenian Skiing Success with Ilka Stuhec

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