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Published: 12.1.2022

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In 2021, the portal was visited by almost 3 million users, which is 48 percent more than in 2020 and more than 12 percent more than in 2019. portal breaks record in 2021

The portal was visited by almost 3 million users in 2021, which is 48 percent more than in 2020 and a good 12 percent more than in 2019. Of these, 75 percent were new users and 25 percent were those who visited the portal already in the past. 8.5 million page views were recorded last year, which is 28 percent more than in 2020. The most visited were the pages with the up-to-date information regarding Covid-19 and safety recommendations for traveling to Slovenia, the home page and the landing pages of the digital campaign.

Most users of the portal last year were from Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Austria, followed by France, the USA, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain. The share of mobile users of the portal continues to increase, amounting to 68.5 percent in 2021, followed by desktop users (28%), and 3.5% tablet users. More than half (56%) of site visits were made through organic search, and 20% through paid advertising.

Among the most visited contents on the portal, which were not related to paid advertising, in addition to content with useful information with regards to Covid-19 situation and safety guidelines and home pages in all language versions, were also contents with top sights, Soča Valley, spas and health resorts, Triglav National Park and content on hiking in Slovenia. Among the most read stories were stories about the Triglav National Park (in German), the most beautiful villas and homesteads with a swimming pool, the most beautiful cycling routes and Michelin restaurants in Slovenia.

As part of the global digital campaign, the most visited landing pages were related to spas and health resorts and cities and culture (for the Italian and German markets).

The most visited page, related to the current information regarding the epidemiological situation in Slovenia and safety guidelines for safe travel, achieved more than 1.3 million views. The site contains up-to-date information regarding border crossings, testing sites, current measures in public places and national and European applications related to border crossing and safe and healthy travel. The highest number of visits to the site was during the summer holidays, and most users came from nearby markets (Italy, Germany, Austria). They were most interested in information regarding border crossings. 94% of visitors came to the site on the basis of organic search engines (86%) and direct traffic (8%).

From September, visitors to this site can sign up to receive notifications of significant changes that may affect the arrival of foreign tourists in Slovenia. Currently, 4,700 users are registered to receive notifications regarding the epidemiological situation. During this time, 5 emails were sent in English, German and Italian. The average opening of these messages is very high, more than 50%.

In addition to messages for registered users regarding the epidemiological situation in Slovenia, in 2021 89 press releases, 52 newsletters for professional public in Slovenian language and 40 Stories from Slovenia newsletters were sent in three to four language versions per month (English, German, Italian, occasionally Slovenian). In addition, 31 press releases and 26 News from Slovenia newsletters were sent to foreign journalists. We also sent 10 gastronomic newsletters, 9 newsletters for the foreign professional public (Trade News), 19 notices for foreign travel organizers, and 33 messages with the content of development, research and cooperation of tourist destinations.

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