New year, new stories about Slovenia: CNN, Euronews, The Guardian and others

Published: 5.1.2022

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New year, new stories about Slovenia: CNN, Euronews, The Guardian and others

Read how Slovenia is seen through the lens of the world-renowned media, such as CNN, Euronews, The Guardian, The Irish Times, Virtuoso Life, Men's Journal and others, and which bucket lists it appears on.

New year, new stories about Slovenia: CNN, Euronews, The Guardian and others

Slovenia is gaining on popularity and as such often finds its place in articles published by renowned world media. And here's again "a bouquet" of the most resounding publications that accompanied the last weeks of 2021 and welcomed 2022. Read how Slovenia is seen by world-renowned media such as CNN, Euronews, The Guardian, The Irish Times, Virtuoso Life, Men's Journal and others. Also, read which bucket lists it appears on.

Late in December, CNN published an article by Mary Novakovich, in which she highlighted the merits of the Vipava Valley and gave its recommendations for the visit. "This lusciously fertile region that stretches west to the Italian border has a magical combination of exceptionally fine wine and food, dramatic karst landscapes and medieval castles towering over pretty villages," CNN reported. They have joined many media outlets that have already written about the beauties of this green valley, including Conde Nast TravellerThe Independent, and the most recent article on Euronews, which we pay more attention to below.

Before we finally said goodbye to 2021, we could read about Slovenia in the central travel publication of the Virtuoso travel network, Virtuoso Life, which addresses boutique and luxury guests from around the world and the best customers chosen by network travel agents. In an online article and a January and February 2022 print edition of the magazine, Slovenia was ranked among the destinations worth visiting in 2022. Slovenia is described as "Europe’s undiscovered wine country" crowned by the peaks of the Alpine world. It also mentions Ljubljana with its UNESCO heritage and highlights the proximity of seaside resorts, three undiscovered wine regions and the Triglav National Park, which is surrounded by the long-distance Juliana Trail hiking trail. In addition to Virtuoso, Men's Journal also paid special attention to Slovenia and included it in the list of the best places for "optimistic" travelers. The article highlights the diversity reflected in the landscape as well as in gastronomy and wine.

That Slovenia has gained its place on the world gastronomic map is confirmed by numerous publications praising exceptional Slovenian cuisine. Here's a recap:

  • Olive Magazine, with a reach of 2 million, ranked Slovenia among the best gastronomic destinations in 2022;
  • The Irish Times, with a reach of 7 million, ranked Ana Roš's book Sun and Rain among the ten best books on haute cuisine;
  • On the World's 50 Best Restaurants website, you can read an article by Rudolf Abraham, an exceptional connoisseur of Slovenia, who this time took a closer look at the culinary side of our country.
  • Jez Fielder, who was hosted in Slovenia by the STB, also took a closer look at Slovenia for Euronews in terms of cuisine. He describes in more detail the gastronomic experience in the renowned JB restaurant in Ljubljana, Ljubljana in general and the culinary experience of the Vipava Valley. He also does not forget to mention that Slovenia is green – in many ways.

In addition to gastronomy, sustainability is a common thread that can be seen in many articles and on the basis of which Slovenia's reputation has been placed on a pedestal several times. Thus, The Guardian ranked Slovenia among the 20 sustainable destinations worth visiting in 2022, highlighting Piran and the Slovenian coast.


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