A new book by Terry Stevens includes the stories of 5 Slovenian destinations

Published: 25.10.2021

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A new book by Terry Stevens includes the stories of 5 Slovenian destinations

Wish You Were Here, a book by Terry Stevens, a great friend of Slovenia, reveals the stories behind 50 of Europe's great destinations, including 5 in Slovenia. He is also the Ambassador of Slovenian Tourism 2020.

A new book by Terry Stevens includes the stories of 5 Slovenian destinations

Today, a press conference was held, where Prof. Dr. Terry Stevens revealed which Slovenian destinations are presented in the latest edition of Wish You Were Here – Europe: the stories behind 50 of Europe’s great destinations, a book about the most inspiring destinations in Europe. 5 of them, which makes up as much as 10%, are in Slovenia.

On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Terry Stevens also received the title of Ambassador of Slovenian Tourism 2020 in person (this was not possible due to the pandemic last year). He is enthusiastic about the beauties of Slovenia, which is why he is considered a great friend of Slovenia. He has visited more than fifty times since 1970.

"Slovenia, such a young country, has become an international benchmark for sustainable tourism development. This has been achieved, in my mind, through the unrelenting, inspirational, and visionary leadership of the Slovenian Tourist Board working in close collaboration with clever, intelligent, and dynamic businesses and empathetic and supportive politicians," said Stevens today at the press conference.

Prof. Dr. Terry Stevens also revealed which Slovenian destinations are presented in the latest edition. Next to the destinations featured in the previous edition (Bohinj and Bled, Soča Valley, Ljubljana), Brda, Podčetrtek and Rogaška Slatina have now joined the club: "In my original book, published last year – Wish You Were Here: The stories behind 50 of the world’s great destinations - Slovenia was represented by 3 destinations – Bled / Bohinj, Dolina Soče and Ljubljana. That meant that 6% of the global destinations I had included were in Slovenia. In the new book that number rises to 5 destinations – or 10% of the 50 great destinations in Europe are in Slovenia. That is more that any other European country other than Spain."

Already the first edition of the book received an excellent response. Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor at CBS News said that "This is not a typical language-driven, promotional bucket-list guidebook. Stevens gives these destinations real world context. He tells us its personality, its mood and not just the reason for being but its reason for resilience, perseverance and ultimate success."

Prof. Dr. Terry Stevens is a renowned international tourism consultant and destination development expert. He is the founder and CEO of the award-winning international tourism consulting firm, Stevens&Associates. So far, he has participated in numerous tourism destination management and development projects in 55 countries around the world. For the second year in a row (2019 and 2020), he received the prestigious LUXLife magazine's Expert of the Year award.

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